Which teams should draft which positions?

Well? Which position do you think your team will go after in the 2011 Draft? Personally for the Riders I hope we get a O-Linemen on Offence and a DB on defence. What about your teams?

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my bad 8)

BC Lions non-import priorities:

  1. Defensive line
  2. Receivers
  3. Defensive backfield

Ticats priorities in CFL draft:


O-Line for sure. Perhaps on Defense I would think.

I'd say the Argo's should get a reciever if available with their first pick, then maybe another OL.

Esks definitely need help on both sides of the line.

They'll have to base selections on also import free agency for sake of LB, DL, and WR in that order as I commented at length in the Esks forum. I forgot also the O-line you are right about that too, but I would think first defence if I were Tillman.

I would like to see the stamps draft a reciever... Maybe one of the available ones from the dinos. Also a cover man. Really lacking in the Canadian content in the secondary as far as developement. If there's any o line available late in the draft could be a plus.

Als' NI needs:


Ticat's non-import needs:

  1. Offensive Line
  2. Linebacker
  3. Receiver


Wide Receiver
Linebacker (wouldnt hurt atleast)

but mainly Oline and Receiver. Expect the blue and gold to select scott mitchell with the #1 pick in this years draft.

Agree with Killer, OL, receiver are probably top bomber priorities. The last picks will be looking for guys who can contribute to special teams - either LB, DB, or maybe a RB if stephenson is gone via FA and concern that the RB they drafted last year in Woodson who had a big injury last CIS season is not healthy enough.

Which team takes a gamble with a pick on Vaughn Martin or does everyone pass on him assuming he's set in the NFL? I would guess he goes undrafted but you never know i guess.

Anyone have a resource on the draft eligible lineman playing in the NCAA and what their prospects are for the NFL, whether its a low round draft pick or chances of being an undrafted FA that NFL teams will want to bring to camp? That's my concern about drafting a guys like Philip Blake, Scott Mitchell, Tyler Holmes, Moe Petrus, or Renaldo Sagesse, who are all listed in the top 10 draft eligible prospects but all played in the NCAA - how likely and how soon can your team expect to see them, NCAA eligibility left, etc. On the flip side, I don't expect as many CIS players getting invites from NFL teams like there was last year with guys like Greenwood, Sisco, Reindeers, Gore. Calgary drafted john Bender last year and, after another NCAA year, he's ranked in the top 30 guards for the 2011 NFL draft. Considering how many draft picks we've given away over the years due to bad management, I don't think the bombers can take a flyer yet on someone who might not be around in camp this year, at least not with the first overall pick.

newbie to CFL draft here.
Is it determined for sure what the draft order is already, or is there a lottery of some sort?

If there isn't the order will be...

  1. Winnipeg
  2. Edmonton
  3. BC
  4. Toronto
  5. Hamilton
  6. Saskatchewan
  7. Montreal
  8. Calgary

or does it go by how far you got into the playoffs, in which case it would be...

  1. Winnipeg
  2. Edmonton
  3. BC
  4. Toronto
  5. Calgary
  6. Saskatchewan
  7. Montreal

It starts off by werst regular season record to best. But there's always sone movement. Calgary gave up a draft pick by winning forzanni in the sublimental draft. But I think they got bc's spot in the first round when they traded Newman. I'm not sure how the second third and fourth round start. I think it's the same... Worst picks first.

Maybe I'm wrong... Cfl.ca has sask picking after Calgary. So maybe it's not by standings.

oh there is a thing!
Can you link it or post the list here?

It's www.cfl.ca. Then go to the news e-camp prospects. It has Winnipeg picking first.

No enough recievers to go around this year.