Which teams are improving and which are declining?

Excellent thread. I agree that the East will have a much better record this coming year than last. I think Toronto is going to set the bar higher with Rogers on board now to become a force in the league for many years to come. The organizational culture with the Argos as an MLSE organization is huge.

Montreal and BC were the most active teams for the FA, and it's logic: Ed Hervey beeing a rookie GM didn't have enough time to build his contact structure, and Kavis Reed beeing unable to have one. They both have improved, altough Montreal went for a defense all the way. The QBs are still mediocre, the OL is the same of last year (wich mean good starters but bad backups), so is the special team (wich can't be worst than under Bruce Read direction) and the receiver's brigade, wich is OK at best. Alouette fans can hope for a 5-13 at best, but we must be patient. Every team of every sports in the world has up and down moments, and Montreal is at the down. Hopefully general Sherman will bring leadership wich was nonexistent under Popp and broken by Chapdelaine/Reed rivalty.

I thought last off-season that Montreal would be the most improved team . . . not sure whom I should curse with that prediction this year.

If you are talking about "which teams are improving" I would say that the teams that didn't stand still after last season but took advantage of the FA to improve their team.
In the East:
With the Argos re-signing Wilder and a few other FA's, they didn't rest on their GC success, teams always have to be aware that their rivals are always trying to improve. My prediction is they will finish first in the East.

Ottawa has made some changes on defense where they were weak last year, pass rush and DBs, their offense will be explosive again - they will likely be pushing the Argos for first place.

Hamilton is relying on the "same old" hoping to build on promise shown in the second half of last season. They couldn't beat Ottawa when they needed to. They will likely be improved but not enough to beat Toronto or Ottawa.
The crossover from the west will knock them out again.

The Als? big question mark again at QB, have some great receivers but if they can't get the ball to them they can't catch it.

Don't expect any change in the West either, maybe Esks and Stamps changing place, Bombers and Riders battling it out for 3rd and one gets the crossover to the east.

Great question!

2. Saskatchewan
3. Toronto
4. Ottawa
----------------------All improving above the line.---------------------
5. Calgary
6. Edmonton
7. British Columbia
8. Montreal
9. Hamilton.