Which teams are improving and which are declining?

Very subjective thread, but may be good for some discussion and insight from fans around the league. Again - these are just my basic opinions - as of today:

  1. Halifax team: - Obviously improving, lol. Hoping to officially welcome them as the new guy in 2018.

  2. Montreal: Improving, but barely. They have rid themselves of some nonperformers and likely can't do worse than 2017, IMO. Kavis - it's do or die time. He's brought in some good talent.

  3. Ottawa: Even. They've lost some talent, and Harris hasn't entrenched himself completely as starter. I don't have a solid opinion here either way.

  4. Hamilton: Improving. Austin drama is done and June Jones, Steinauer & Glanville will run the team. Only concern here is lots of very talented, vocal, and capable coaches. Is it TOO much? Masoli will do well again.

  5. Toronto: Improving. We saw them manage themselves and focus very well late in the season - and they are the Grey Cup champs after all - with some solid signings. RR and Franklin tandem should be very productive.

  6. Winnipeg: Improving. Despite the offseason challenges of players moving around, they had been on the upswing last season and I see that continuing. Mgmt seems focused and cohesive.

  7. Saskatchewan: Improving. One defensive play out of the GC game last year. More talent present now than then. Have depth and a balanced mix of youth and experience. Collaros is a bit of a question mark.

  8. Edmonton: Improving. They host GC this year and wanna be in it and are making the tough decisions to get there. They are better than 2018 - on paper anyway. And Reilly - is Reilly.

  9. Calgary: Declining. They have peaked (for a couple years in a row, now) and the magic might be gone. Lots of talent is gone. And DD isn't Huf. Some major public fingerpointing in their GC loss indicates dissension.

  10. BC: Improving. Hervey just may be the football ops management guy they needed, Jennings looks solid, and their run game will be improved over 2017.

I don't think we will see such East/West disparity as we did last season.

Halifax doesn't have a team . How could they be improving or declining? It's an impossibility.

1-Montreal......... Improved defense talent but still a mess
4-Toronto...... slight improvement good defense and a good young QB
5-Winnipeg.....Improved, added Canadian talent and depth......best off- season
6-Sask.......on a very short peak, but about to be pushed into a deep decline with no Canadian depth or core
7-Edmonton......same--very good
8-BC......I really don't know, really a tricky one.
9-Calgary........Calgary is Calgary, they just ARE. That's like asking if God as improved or declined.

Halifax is closer to a having team than in 2017, so that’s an improvement.
Calgary is now compared by using God as the benchmark reference???

Wow. That’s some koolaid in Cowtown. Good for them to have such a loyal patron.

In the small, humble world known as the CFL the stamps are the closest to the heavens… The football Gods live at historic McMahon Stadium- It’s
their temple

Ambrosie says their temple is a dump. And the last guy who referenced the omnipotent football gods as his guidance - is now backup QB in Winnipeg.

That’s almost ominous for the Stamps now that you’ve said it. Uh oh...............?

A football temple has nothing to do with the decor. It has to do with what has happened there and who has played there. ..Ambrosie even said it was historic

  1. Halifax team : Will continue their amazing streak this year as the only team that has never lost a game in CFL history .

  2. Montreal : A total train wreck . They could very well give the 1-17 Ti-Cats of 2003 a run for their money as the worst team in CFL history . They will be hard pressed to match their 3 win total of last year . If they do improve it won't be by much . Maybe by a game or two at best and a 4-14 or 5-13 record at best if they're lucky .

  3. Ottawa : I think they take a step back this year . They will be hard pressed to match their back to back 8 win totals of the last two seasons . A 3rd place finish in the East will see them wind up missing the play-offs for the first time since their inaugural season . At the very best I can see them maybe being a .500 , 9-9 team but more likely I think they slip down a few notches to wind up at 7-11 on the season .

  4. Hamilton : Hopefully they continue where they left off in the last 10 games of last season when they won 6 of 10 games . As a Cat fan I sure hope so . If the team can avoid the injury bugaboo that has derailed it the last two seasons and the new coaching staff clicks without a hitch I can see this team finishing a solid 2nd in the East . I can foresee a 4 to 5 win improvement over the 6 wins of last year .
    Worst case scenario I think could be a 9-9 .500 season at the least .

  5. Toronto : Will probably continue on where they left off last season when they were underdog surprise Grey Cup winners . I can see year two in the Trestman -Popp era as one where the Argos are the clear run away winners in the East if all things go well . I can see this team improving on their 9-9 mark of last season and easily being in double digits in the win column by seasons end . No reason why this team can't win at minimum at the very least 12 games this season or better . Lets go with a prediction of 13-5 and another home date in the Eastern final .

So for what it's worth that's my early look at the East this season .
I'll post my thoughts on the Western teams in my next post .

this is the CFL where teams buy, sell, and rent players on a weekly basis.

team improve and decline multiple times throughout the season.

you don't like how your team is playing? give it a week or two, it'll change again.

The Empire Hotel downtown Regina is also historic.
Huge dump, but at least it’s a historic dump.

Especially after Labour Day

how is it possible for every team to be improved? is it that the total talent in the league has gone up?

I would think it would be more accurate to assess if a team has improved or declined compared to the rest of the league.

Is it?
Did Doug Flutie play there?
Have the owners hosted 14 Western finals in 28 years?
Was the Olympic torch lite there?

Not Calgary

Unless it's Grey Cup Sunday.
They usually lose that last Sunday in November. It's become a thing.

Joke Of The Day:

Q: What do the Calgary Stampeders and the promiscuous girl in high school have in common?

A: Both score a TON, they exude nothing but confidence, but deep down - everyone knows they got a legitimate shot at them.

So I guess persistence paid off for the riders, The finally scored after being rejected 10 straight times.

To bad all the jocks beat up the nerdy riders outside so they couldn't make it into the dance to take a shot.

We all know the Stamps can be beaten by anyone - any given Sunday. But the last Sunday in November is the luckiest for whomever plays the Stamps. Especially if they're from a much weaker east division.

The odds of success increase exponentially.

Ummmmmm....just a heads up.
You've now begun to reply to yourself...

It;s because I have a few different personalities.

It's always nice meeting new people ?