Which Team will Tom Higgins sign with?

Since Higgins has turned the Officiating department around, his success has caught the eye of several teams. Who will Tom Higgins Coach next year?

Pick one and give your reason!

Has turned it around? Maybe the wrong way. The officiating was embarassing this year. Major calls that could have changed the game in one direction or the other were missed or applied when nothing happened.

Maybe he should take another job because I don't think he did a good job at all.

The real shame is some CFL fans don't understand their own game.

Here ya go TD, I dug up some recommended reading material for you.

There were some plays in 2008 that stirred up alot of controversy, and the link ought to clear them up for you.

Overall, the officiating in 2008 was very good, and the video replay system works (although it is a bit to much of a delay during a game in this poster's opinion.).

I thought the officiating was greatly improved over last year. For the most part the video reviews were called correctly where last year I never had a clue which way the calls were going to go. I think Winnipeg should offer him a job.

It’s the same in the NFL and NCAA. They keep saying how they want to reduce the amount of time the official spends under the hood, but he always ends up soending a good 2 or 3 minutes, anyway. I suppose if it means they get the call right…

Absolutely, Higgins did a good job. I think the overall officiating was better, but as important was the league became more accountable for calls. If a good call was made, Higgins explained why. But when a bad call was made, he did not shy away.
If he wants back into coaching, great. But I hope he has a mandate with the league and sticks there a few more seasons.

I agree that HIggens did a great job. There will always be some plays that are considered controversial but when you consider the amount last year compaired to this year....It is a great improvement

Interviews I have seen/heard with Higgins makes it sound like there is a bunch more stuff for him to do with respect to officiating. Also, I haven't heard anything that indicates that he is too excited to get back into coaching right now. So I bet he stays where he is for another year or two.

I'm sure there will be openings in another year or two that will be his if he wants them.