which team will start off with a bang and who will be a bust

My perdiction will be Hamilton , they will probably have a good start and carry it till the end of Summer and they will make the Playoffs maybe host a Semi final Game
My bust and I hate to say this are the EE as they seem to have a tough schedual in the begining of the year it will get better, and maybe just catch Calgary for a Final playoff spot.

I agree completely.
Hamilton will start with a Bang.
BC will start with a Bust.

What am I basing this on?
Uhhhhh. . . hunch.

Well unless Hamilton does something about their Oline, the bang may be the sound of Printers hitting the turf.

Well the Riders will start off in bust mode and end in bust mode.

Yeah, I think BC will have a slow start. Between suspensions and babies, our O-line may look like swiss cheese for the first two games. I think they will pick it up as the season goes on. The West will be a struggle. Look for an Improved Edmonton to challenge for playoffs this year.

In the East I expect Hamilton and Winnipeg to be fast out of the gate. As defenses get stronger (with experience) Both could slow down near the end of the season.

:lol: :lol:

A lot of people are picking Hamilton to start out on a run. I don't know... maybe I'm too used to seeing them at the bottom.

But in the West, the early bust will be Saskatchewan. I don't expect any team to start off on a run. Edmonton will take time to gel, and Calgary rarely starts off good. :lol: B.C. will take time to get used to their crappy QB's. :stuck_out_tongue:

Out East... I still have no idea.

Chief figures every team is gonna come out of the gate 0-2....

As I have said on other threads, I expect Hamilton and Edmonton to do well. Although Wally Buono coached teams are traditionally regular season wonders, I am looking for the Lions to show their weakness at Qb and to struggle this season. I also expect the Bombers to be the surprize bottom dwellers in the East.

With our crappy Quarterbacks too! :roll: :roll: :roll:

The West will be tough. Whoever can stay the healthiest.

Crappy Quarterbacks.... :roll: :roll: Hmmmphhhhh!

I prefer to think of it as a one two punch!

Sorry, Sporty, but I'm still not sold on Jarius Jackson. And Buck Peirce spent a lot of time on the bench.

I think JJ did a hell of a job last season.

When his own coach does not have the confidence in him to go with him in the biggest game of the season, doesn't that maybe tell you something.

BC quarterbacks are underrated especially Buck Pierce. In 2006, Pierce has one of the highest QB efficency ratings. Despite injuries in 2007, BC was the highest scoring team. 2007 wasn't typical because Buono traditionally has strong quarterbacking.

Whether a team start well or not might depend on the schedule and strength of opponents. All teams fluctuate in performance during the season. But total points after 18 games are the best measure of teams. Early in the season, defenses are normally better than offenses. So outcomes might be decided by defense and mistakes.

I think it will pretty much be like last season.. B.C starting the season strong and finishing strong, Winnipeg and Toronto dueling for 1st in the east..only thing different is saskatchewan will bust in the end and possibly miss the playoffs

I certainly don't think the Bombers will be the bottom dwellers, they kept almost all of their key players and coaching staff. I think, barring injuries and all that unpredictable stuff, they will be even better than last season.

I really think Sask is going to have a rough start with the new coach and QB.