Which team will remain winless the longest?

  • Stamps
  • Elks
  • Leos
  • Als
  • Ticats

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The Leos won this poll, and wound up remaining winless the shortest.

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Well now the top two vote getters are out.

Down to the Ticats and the Alberta twins.

I will say the Wapiti (Elks) will go the longest without a win

Between the AB twins, Edm looks the worst so far
But I think they can beat BC while Montreal digs Calgary a deeper hole in week 3

…it’s entirely plausible the stamps and the elks go into the LDC winless…two men enter, one man leaves…

I was just looking at the schedule and your thoughts were my thoughts exactly . I'm thinking that after the dust settles on the LDC that those Elkimos are going to be the ones that are still winless .

Pretty trollish thread,,, why are you trying to rub it into the fans?

For all of their youth and inexperience, I felt that Calgary was a QB away from beating BC. They only lost by 6 points.

Bo was freaking terrible in week 2. I expect that he will be much better next week.

...but they'll get the crossover and play in the eastern division championship game in the end.


The Elks are off the schneid.

Down to the Stamps and the Ticats.

If the Stamps pull one out tonight then that leaves my Puddy Cats as the winners...errr make that losers of this poll . :flushed:

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what are we , week 3? A little early to worry about it

This guy nailed it.

It was the Ticats.

Stamps without a QB win
I am speechless

and 2 rookie tackles, one being a Canadian,,,

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I am in disbelief

Still chugging along at .500 week after week