Which team will remain undefeated the longest?

  • Riders
  • Bombers
  • Redblacks
  • Argos
  • Als

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My real vote is schooners. Undefeated for years


Ottawa, they have a bye week and on the road against the Riders.
The way their D shut down Trevor Harris and their receivers on the road, they shouldn't have a problem with the Riders in 2 weeks time on the road.

Hmmmmm, I look at as how many games, not weeks into the season, IE. Montreal hasn't begun yet at 0 /0.

Not with Nichols leading the charge.

Saskatchewan and Winnipeg will go into Labour Day undefeated. The Riders win on Labour Day. Winnipeg wins the Banjo Bowl.

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Mathematically, both the Bombers and Redblacks can go undefeated :wink:

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Until the Grey Cup, anyways

My favorite 2 weeks

The Schooners!

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The Argos are out.

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I agree with this. However, I have to say I'm impressed with Collaros' rebirth as a Bomber. After that dirty hit he took in the '19 season opener, I was convinced his career was done.

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Down go the Als.

We are down to the Bombers, the Riders and the Reds.

The Riders and the Reds play each other tomorrow, while the Bombers get the Argos.

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The Bombers are out.

The winner of the Riders-Reds game wins this contest.

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Imagine if the Redblacks win this next game. That would be the perfect way to cap off how unexpected this season has been.


No such luck.

It was the Riders

And Iā€™m happy about that lol