Which team will be the first to attempt to sign Raymell Rice

Raymell Mourice "Ray" Rice (born January 22, 1987) is a professional American football running back who is indefinitely suspended from play by the National Football League. He played college football for Rutgers University and was drafted by the Baltimore Ravens in the second round of the 2008 NFL Draft. He is ranked as the Ravens' second all-time leading rusher behind Jamal Lewis (7,801) with 5,940 yards, and is also second in rushing attempts (1,273) and rushing touchdowns (37), and third in combined touchdowns (43). Rice was arrested and subsequently indicted for third-degree aggravated assault on March 27, 2014, relating to an incident where he punched his then-fiancee (now wife) in the face.[1] The blow knocked her unconscious.[2] The incident became a prominent controversy after TMZ released a video of the encounter, which led to an NFL policy change regarding how it handles domestic violence cases. Rice's contract was terminated by the Ravens on September 8, 2014, following the release of an additional video of the incident.

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Ahhh the Commish already announced they are honoring the suspension, as they should.

Nobody, he isn't allowed to play in the CFL.

The relaunch of the XFL and him playing there has a better chance of happening.

That's good news. Hopefully this will be policy in the future.

I get what he did was a terrible act and he should pay a price but I think he needs to get help do what's right then he should be allowed to go back to the game he has worked his entire life for, sometimes it's just so easy to just cast off someone's life because that's what the general public wants, but really everyone deserves a second chance. His wife has given him one. We allowed Vick to come back he has turned his life around. I think Ray will need to correct what's wrong and that will take some time but to ban someone for life is a bit harsh .

I'm not even that stunned about the actual punch... You could argue that she was coming at him and it was simply reactionary.... What disturbs me, is how he drops her unconscious body onto her face after he drags her out of the elevator... He should be on his knees trying to revive her, but more or less treats her with indifference..
He will never play agian... He is a runningbacks and is replaceable... Plus he had a bad year last year... He ran for only slightly more yards then Kenton Keith when he was run out of the league for something not nearly as heinous.

I don't think we will see him again. Yes she came at him twice and spit on him making them both responsible but the brutality of the images is just too much for the NFL to deal with.

What is interesting about this situation is we knew what happened prior to the video bring released by TMZ. We knew Ray Rice struck his girlfriend and she was knocked out and he dragged her out the elevator. The NFL's stance was a two game suspension. Once the video hit the media cycle, the NFL decided to react with a more severe penalty.

A lot of reverse sexism plays into this... If you switched the roles around...he would still be the bad guy and got what he deserved . I guess the fact that he is by definition obese and his arm probably weighs 35 pounds vs her 15 pound arms is why we have this sexism in the first place... From all accounts and pictures though, she did instigate this. The moral of the story is to not date crazy chicks I guess... Just a hunch, but I'd guess that she had slapped him around quit a bit and he finally had enough... The fact she charges at him after the initial blow, tells me that she is a bit nuts... You would think most people would be in utter shock if their bf punched them.. The whole thing just seems crazy, and something I hope I never have to deal with...Like if I was his defence lawyer I would argue that let's excuses the first punch he threw because the fact he gets away as far as possible from her after...Plus it was thrown immediately after she hit him.. It was completely reactionary ....What was he to do at the point she charged him? You think weighing double her weight that he could bearhug her and stop her from hitting him... You would assume that he could just go in fetile position and let her kick the crap out if him... I guess it all boils down to decisions made in literally a second.. He chose probably the worst option which was to punch her in the face... However, if this was another family member like a brother or a cousin, that reaction would not seem irrational... Overall his biggest mistake was dating and now marring this chick.

The image of her head hitting the brass rail going down and the way he treats her afterwards changes everything. His reaction was cold.

The owner of the Ravens was on TV today and he said he didn't expect the suspension would ever be lifted, so their night out probably is the most expensive in the history of the Universe 21 to 50 million dollars plus endorsement !

I believe the investigation the NFL did included the video of Rice dragging his girlfriend, who was unconscious, out of the elevator (but didn't include the punch)

I guess what I'm saying is the NFL's stance is, at its very least, a little reactionary.

you idiot. she was the one who made the all too common mistake of marrying this piece of trash.

Goddell was on ESPN today and I've NEVER seen him this uncomfortable. Call it the straw that broke the camel's back. NFL has a huge image problem right now between killers, abusers, drug addicts. Expect a major reform when dealing with these types going forward. The same day the announcement is out that one of their smallest franchises sold for 1.4 billion. Goddell is on ESPN getting grilled about what the NFL knew or didn't know about a player coming close to killing his fiancee. Who needs that ? Its business, big business.

Good point. If this continues, he may have to step down.

Well, at least the NFL is learning its lesson…finally.

Calling Mark Cohon. Joking. Did you know Mark was born in the USA? True story

Sure are a lot of lame threads on here lately, this being another example. Obviously there's zero chance of him signing in the CFL.

Watch the video again ...but pretend that she isn't wearing that sexy skirt and is obese... Maybe you will change your mind about the actual assault... The way he reacts afterwards tells me that either he is completely heartless, or that she put him through a lot before this.the whole point is that we don't know e entire background story and don't know how many times in the past she had hit him.. We don't know if he hit her before.. This is simply a knee jerk reaction by the NFL, because they want nothing to do with the whole situation.. People are actually calling for Godell to resign...LMAO.... The reality is, that the NFL should not have to do anything about this.. like this kind of incident happens all if the time and people don't lose their job over it. I'm surprised that theleague is even allowed to suspend players for things that are dealt with already by a court of law. If it did not happen on thee field, then I don't see how the league is allowed to get involved.

Well..I watched it again and he try's to pick her up and throws her in harms way of the elevator doors hitting her in the head... He definitely made no attempt to consol her until after she was conscious and she try's to hit him again...what was the eventual conviction he received... If I was a juror, I would need a lot more info then this video.. I would want to know of previous incidences.