which team will be hurt most by a loss this week?


Which team will be hurt the most by a loss this weekend?

  1. Calgary losing to Montreal at home.

  2. B.c. losing at home to Winnipeg.

  3. Hamilton losing in Edmonton

I think BC losing at home again would be devastating to team morale with total uncertainty at the qb. position. Split locker room and confusion amongst the qbs. :rockin: :rockin: :rockin:

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nah, the game will be Hamilton.

the Cats have a chance to get 2nd place all to themselves and if they lose to the Esks, they’ll fall from there.

if edmonton loses, they will be hurt the most. If edmonton wins, then loser of bc wpg will hurt the most.

Stamps lose doubts cemented in.
lions lose and the train wreck season crashes
edmonton loses and bc wins and season is done

IMO a loss hurts Winnipeg the most, as they are fighting for that crossover spot and the Lions are ahead of them in the standings.

Edmonton, no doubt.

I'd say both Winnipeg and Edmonton as their records would go to 3-10, B.C. jumps to 5-8. However, I do understand what turkeybend is getting at though.

I agree with the person who said Winnipeg because of the crossover. The Bombers definitely have the highest hill to climb. They're already essentially 2 games behind the Lions. A loss this weekend would put them at 3.

I'd say most likely Saskatchewan losing to Toronto. :lol:

Montreal....losing to anyone...anytime
What a question!


Yep...that kind of pressure situation saw the Ticats come up big against the Alouettes.