Which team is hurt more by qb loss -BC/Riders??


Which team is more severely hurt by the injury to their quarterbacks. Lions or Riders.

B.C. has proven guy Kevin Glenn.
Riders have an unproven back-up .

Is there a trade you might suggest??

Help! :roll:

beck for dressler

It all depends on the severity of the injury to Durant. I think the Riders are a deeper team overall than BC, and they've shown they can run the ball extremely well, but Glenn is a far more proven commodity than Sunseri, even if he beat Glenn a few weeks ago.

well…we don’t know how sever either injury is. If you go worst case scenario and neither play again this season one would have to assume Durant. He is the starter through all games this season while Lulay was in his first start…ie Glenn will simply step back in. One could easily throw the Esks into this equation dependent on how serious these turn out to be.

Durant is a pretty tough guy. To see him in that kind of pain, it’s pretty serious I think. IMO, Glenn has the edge simply because of experience… Hopefully Durant is back sooner than later

You will pretty much have to put a cast on Durant for him not to try to play.