Which team has the most class as an organization in the cfl.

i say it is a toss up between the Edmonton eskimos and the Toronto argo's.....i left the stamps off of the list obviously as they have zero class, and are an embarassment to the league.


if you said best run I would have to say the ESKS no question. The classiest I would have to say the Argos because of Pinball

I think they all have class-except for the lastest owner in Ottawa(gliebermen?)

ya your right rob, they all have class except for stampeders and ottawa imho.

Thanks for the opportunity to vote, EWIA..
needless to say, i voted for the Greatest Team Ever.. the 2005 Eskimos.. although any annual edition would win. I mean, who else is there?
Even on those rare, referee-tainted times they lose, they do it with class. (eg 1996 Grey Cup in Hamilton).
To COMPARE other teams to Edmonton - either in terms of talent OR class.. is an insult to the Green and Gold Gods..