Which team has the best offence in the league?

I would have to go with Saskatchewan.!

GO RIDERS!! :slight_smile::):slight_smile:

Based on what? :shock:

…yeah, nice guy there fart90…there’s NINE teams in the league…I know Ottawa right now has been practicing at the Hull Central Walmart parking lot after 10pm…and that same Walmart appears to be in the running to host the first Gades home game…but they did have a not bad O last year…

B.C. is good it's exactlly like Saskatchewan.

Im somewhat surprised BC didnt get more votes. This is mostly a passing league and they got two of the best guys throwing the ball and a tank in claremont and a perpetual all star in simon plus cutolo (who i htink will have a huge year) and tounkara

When it comes to offense, I’d have a hard time ranking BC, Edmonton and Montreal. These offensive units completely rock. Of the three, BC has the best runner, Edmonton the best receiving core and Montreal the best o-line. All three have exceptionnal QBs.

Too close to call.

im gonna say Vancouver just because they are my fav team in the league and they have amazing pass O, but between Edmonton and Montreal id say that Edmonton definatly has the edge, 3 starting QBs one team while Montreal has one and if he has a bad year or if he goes down to injury they are royally screwed... GO LIOS

B.C. right now has the best offence. Dickenson or Printers, Clermont, Simon, and Warren are a scary combination from a Rider fan perspective.

With Ray back Edmonton is second but they have a lot to prove with their running situation. I've heard they had some great prospects but I'll have to wait and see.

Montreal is third but like Edmonton their passing situation is great but their running game is wait and see right now.

I wouldnt call MOntreal’s running game wait and see Lapointe has been running the ball well when hes had it and Jenkins before last year had 2 consecutive 1000 yard seasons and says his ankle is better than ever and supposedly Ell Robersson who was injured last year will at hte very least be a capable backup QB should the need arise

The Riders offence was playing the best in the league down the stretch last season. But keep in mind, Henry Burris went west. Not to say that Nealon Greene won't be able to step up. I'm just saying that the offence has changed. How you guys can automatically say the Riders RIGHT NOW have the best offence in the league, when you haven't even seen Nealon perform in it yet, it's beyond me.

The best offence in the CFL lies in Vancouver, no doubt. Top two QB's in the league, and a strong receiving core. The only changes made to the offence from 2004 were on the line, and they were all good ones. Bringing over Sharko Haji-Rajouli(spelling I'm sure) from Montreal is a solid, solid move. With this line improved, the Lions could put up even bigger numbers then they did last year.

It's downright rude that you didn't include Ottawa in your poll brrt90. How many Cups has Saskatchewan won, 2 ? Not even one fifth the number that Ottawa has won. Oh I long for the day of Capital Punishment when we kicked your sorry green asses.
I take offence.

–I agree that every team should’ve been in there. But cmon man, dont start countin Cups. Especially when your team has the longest streak of non-Cup years going right now. And yes I realize that the Gades are relatively new. But Ottawa was without a team for only a few years. And the Rough Riders sucked for a LONG time before that.

7 votes for the riders, hmm..7 rider fans looked at this thread.

Good observation Eskimos32001.....I kind of suspected the voting would be a bit "tainted"

I have often wondered why posters bother with polls like this one.
Most posters will just vote for their favorite team.

You're right Stampers7, but the exclusion of one of the oldest franchises in a CFL poll is not only rude but despicable. We might have to get the Governor General to bring our Cup back home. And believe me, just knowing that Ottawa has won the Cup 9 teams is solace enough to soothe the wounds of recent times.
We'll be back.

Calvillo tossed for over 6000 yards last season and the Als became the only CFL team ever to have four 1000-yard receivers in one season, but apparently the Roughriders have a better offense. Right. :roll:

–Don’t count on too big a year from Cutolo. He struggled last year, and now it sounds like he’s going to fall to fifth on the depth chart. This shows just how strong BC’s WR core is.

And to respond to an earlier post, yes, I hate when people just vote for their favourite teams in polls too. This board is especially bad for that I’ve noticed(I’m pretty new here). I try not to do that. I think it’s obvious who my favourite team is by my screen name, but I voted for the Lions(who I absolutely despise). B.C. has the top two QB’s in the league. A very deep and talented receiving core(as I mentioned earlier, Cutolo is #5 on the depth chart, so what does that tell you?). And a solid(not spectacular, but decent enough for a team who relies mainly on passing) running game in Antonio Warren. With the offseason additions they’ve made on their O-line, there’s not reason to think this team can’t improve on O.

and that is why i aviod topics related to Deffence... because i know that BC will not be there, they should be 4th or 5th probably but they will not win that catagory... in my opinion the Stamps probably have that, last year they just had zero O... all this on top of the fact that as a football player I play on the Offence so i dont really care what goes on on the deffencive side of the ball, as long as i get it back... GO LIOS

Rider fan - voted for BC

But Sask definetly has the potential to have the best in the league. We have hands down the best running game. I would say argubly the best O-line. We have a very very solid recieving core. Everything is there to have an absoluytely stellar O. BUt we do have that big question mark at QB. I honestly think that NEalon will do well this year. he won't lead the league in anything, cept maybe for rushing, but I don't think he will stink up the joint. But based on what BC has, I voted for them, simply because of our ?

Every team has stupid fans, but the rider fans that are voting for their team are not acting stupid.