Which team has the best linebackers?

Hey guys, watching the B.C. vs. Montreal game last night was a real thrill, on offense, defense, and special teams. But specifically, I'd like to focus on the defense. As an Als fan, it's actually quite exciting to have a really solid defensive group for once; it's been about 3-4 years now since we've had one. Seeing a guy like Chip Cox be around the ball on every single play is really fun to watch, and I think I appreciate good defense a lot more now that my team actually has it. :stuck_out_tongue:

In any case, the trio of Chip Cox, Shea Emry, and Kyries Hebert in Montreal is a pretty ferocious one, but linebackers are among the most ferocious players in the league. Guys like Elimimian and Bighill in BC, or Sherritt and Munoz in Edmonton, or Rey Williams and Tyron Brackenridge in Saskatchewan can be pretty fierce as well.

So my question for you guys is: which team has the best linebackers in the league? I put up a poll, but it's mostly just for fun. Discuss and debate away! :slight_smile:

Wow, I am impressed, this has been posted for nealy 45 minutes and still nobody has voted for Saskatchewan.

Generally speaking, yes. Except the ones that abandon their team and sit out with a broken thumb...or a sore ankle...or a broken finger, like that little guy in Edmonton.

Really dude?? Do we have to embarrass you by proving you idiotic again??

Regardless of your opinion or your man crush on Ricky Foley, he is still the incumbant CFL Defensive Player of the Year. That must really stick in your craw.

I voted for the Roughriders and I like Chip Cox too by the way.

Wow, we are all shocked!

Homerism on my vote, otherwise go with Calgary..

No LB corps with Craig Butler in it can win this.

Montreal hands down. Hebert and Cox are lights out. As good as Rey Williams is, he isnt having half the season he has been having without the Rider D Line.

Is he dating an ex of yours because you sure have a lot of hate for a guy that is playing better then most of the other Rider LB. I mean seriously, he is number 2 in stats.

Which is exactly why any vote, poll, etc. on this site is ridiculous. Saskatchewan fans simply do not vote for the right choice they vote for the homer choice. Why then bother with polls.

You have a very valid point..ect. Fair enough

I think the real question that you should be asking is how does the smallest market team out there allegedly do this? Where are the other fans in much larger markets that should be able to offset this alleged practice?

One measure of a team's LB strength is run defense. And I'm pretty sure Montreal is at or near the top of the league in run D. Nobody runs on us. Even Kory Sheets didn't break the 100-yard mark against us.

Clearly you're not watching him look silly trying to tackle guys like Cornish, Kackert and SJ Green and some others. I'm not even looking at the stats. I'm watching the games. He has extended so many opposing drives with poor tackling, no technique whatsoever. He is THE weak link on the Rider D.

Zeke Moreno used to lead the league in tackles. I guess you thought that he was awesome too?

And not only that, but the Als have had trouble getting consistent play from their front 4. That says a lot about how strong the LBs have been. Or the whole rest of the defense for that matter.

I've watched every game a minimum of 3 times (more if you consider the number of times I view it editing it down). He is no where close to being the weak link. In fact he's made a ton of huge plays.

Smaller market, by far the biggest fanbase. It's not like its a big secret, a few weeks ago they had a poll asking what the biggest news story of the week was, and a lineman catching a touchdown for the Riders was neck and neck with Calgary's record breaking comeback against Montreal. Seriously, come on.

Did you even watch tonights game, Brack got burned every three plays. Butler...... everytime in the pile except for two plays. I can post all of them in HD if you want.