Which team has the best helmets ?

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I like all of the CFL helmets except for Calgary's new Black ones.

I don't like the Calgary black ones either.

In fact, I don't like the recent emphasis on black in so many teams' uniforms. Saskatchewan is green and white, period. That's their history. Adding black to it on the theory that this will make them look more sinister or threatening or whatever it's supposed to do is silly. Same thing re Calgary, their heritage is red and white. Black adds nothing to it.

The only teams that have a history with black as an important part of their colour scheme are Hamilton, Ottawa and BC, though BC has tended to move more toward the orange and white elements.

I won't be surprised to see the day when some supposed uniform marketing expert decides to make the Eskimos unis black too, on the footing that black = tough. Bad idea.

I personally think BC has the nicest helmets, theres somthing about white helmets that I like, as for the new Calgary ones, they are going to look wierd with their road jerseys, I dont like this change at all really

Remember these?


haha, yes i do, i was going to mention them in my post but decided not to, i have mixed feelings about those helmets, I really dont know what i think of them, I remember I liked them when we wore them that game, but now looking back, we just look funny without black or yellow helmets

Those where Horrid Looking :lol:

No mixed feeling here. The worst ever

I was never a fan of those white Ticat helmets. Not horrible but certainly a downgrade.

Obviously I like the Ticat helmet best in the CFL but I guess my 2nd would be BC.

Zen did that just actually happen, we agreed on somthing :o

this might be a breakthrough :lol:

EDIT- well we kinda did, i sorta excluded ti-cats from my vote, either way, still a breakthrough :wink:

The Cats have the best helmets and always have. I love the retro unis too,instead of everyone having the same basic style.Bring back those old unis and keep the same helmet design. Just my 2 cents worth.

How do you like their alt. helmet? The white one with the big black paw print on the side. I actually like it as much as the standard BC helmet.

I love that helmet.

I wish i could say i know what helmet your talking about, but i cant, ive been looking all over the internet to find a picture of it, but i cant seem to find one? all i can find is their black helmets with the paw print?

do you have a photo of it?

i vaguely remembered the helmets, then i found a picture (sorta) of them, i personally prefer the orange helmet over the white one, but the white one sure does look nice

I like the old style gold helmet, and I like the old style Tigercats logo. Hey but i'm old. :wink:

There is no doubt we have the best logo, maybe of any sport. :thup:




And those are the uniforms I wish we were wearing every game.


Oski Old School,


Other than the white ones, I'm fine with all of them over the years. And yes, fantastic logo, hey we have 6 cats at home, what can I say!