Which team has the best group of pass-catchers?


That’s the word which best describes how I feel as I begin the assassination of my own reputation (if I ever had one to begin with).

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Good job. It'll be interesting to see how the Bombers pan out. They run more than anyone. Harris is 34. Huge dropoff not unusual after 33 (see Messam 2018), Gable, Rutley, Sutton et all gone. Harris also most receptions. LaPolice gone, will they pass more? Mitchell retirement huge loss. We may see what they got @ receiver this year. Beyond Adams, don't know much about the imports.

Even tho calgary guys are younger. There still very good and will come up on top

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Based upon the above article, I am picking my favorite team in the West-the Edmonton Eskimos, excuse me the Edmonton Elks-lol I would pick the Cats and Lions for my top 3 ! Looking very forward to the return of Derel Walker to the Elks have a safe and productive season to all. :star_struck: :football: :canada: :thailand:

Ellingson, Waker + Armanti Edwards = arguably the best big 3 in the league; the Elks also have a big group of promising Canadian receivers to choose from if they want to start 2 NIs there again.

The Argos with Daniels & Rogers as proven CFL receivers, plus a couple of former big NFL resume guys could prove very dangerous; they also have some very good Canadian talent in Brescacin, Noel, Gittens and draft pick Brissett.

The Riders have Evans, Moore, Williams-L and also a bunch of young Canadian guys with good resumes.

The Ticats have a bunch of proven import receivers.

Lots of talent at the position across the league = not sure I could pick a sure-fire #1 ?

Find the most productive quarterback and that will lead you to the best receivers.

Right now I say Vernon Adams and his crew.