Which Team Has Been The Biggest Disappointment of 2017?

We're more than 2/3s of the way through the year. Based on where teams were expected to be at the start of the season, which team has disappointed the most based on current points? (not where they're trending or where you project them to be at the end of the season). Up until now.

One vote.

I'd have to say Hamilton. The rest of the teams are doing what I expected of them, I thought Hamilton wouldn't be so bad.

Has to be the Lions.

I had such high hopes for them.

I wish someone would tell them Chris Williams is on the team.

Such a great receiving group. Bad o-line.

It's a toss up between the Ti-Cats and the Lions. Ottawa has lost some close games and now have injury issues at QB. Montreal is a tire fire right now and for the foreseeable future.

Though I voted Hamilton, maybe they've found their stride. See what they can do against the Argos and perhaps BC will top (or bottom) this list at the end of the day.

...not fair, my vote would be 'all'...

Hamilton. Ottawa and BC were over rated at the beginning of the season. Laughed so hard I fell of the couch when I read on CFL.ca that BC (think it was Nye) was favourite to win the Cup.

Montreal is right where I thought they would be. Didn't think they would be as bad as they are but not much better.

Hamilton I thought was the class of the east, but Austin lost team confidence and Collaros has had a horrible season.

The Atlantic Schooners.

I'm going with Edmonton. After winning 7 in a row the team has devolved and is headed for the cellar.

Has to be Ottawa hosting the Grey Cup. But Hamilton close on this one.

But yup what is going on in Edmonton?

Sorry. I have amended to include "other." But I don't see Edmonton's streak continuing; I view it as more of a blip. They shouldn't have won as many games as they did at the start, nor should they be losing as many as they are now (the truth lies somewhere in the middle).

With Grymes back, it should really help the D.

I voted other and my vote goes to Calgary . ;DI mean yes they have only lost once all season BUT that loss was against Montreal ?? Big disappointment ???I mean come on boys if ya can’t beat those Alouettes then ya can’t really beat anybody now can ya…right ? :wink:

What is wrong with Ottawa hosting the CFL Championship ?

They will do a great job just like they did in 67 - 88 and 04.

(I think he meant that teams that host the Grey Cup go "all out" to make an appearance, hence, it's even more disappointing that they've fallen so short. I don't believe it was an indictment against the city of Ottawa hosting a Grey Cup game).

Biased of course, but it's BC hands down. All of of those weapons on offense including two guys who have run 4.2/40 times (Rainey and Williams). One of the best QB tandems in the league and Solly on defense and a 12-6 record last year.

This team was expected to contend and could very well miss the playoffs before the last game of the season.

Als. With DD being brought in and Jackson at the receiver position, did not expect them to be sitting at 3-11. DD unable to hit the side of a barn or Jackson inability to catch a ball when t's in the breadbasket.

Huge disappointment. Money well spent on these two.


How can they be a disappointment??

They're still undefeated!! ;D :wink:

Why they're even better than the Stamps !!! ;DI told you those Stamps were a disappointment . I mean they're so bad that they couldn't even score 60 on those birds last night . :o

And the Stamps allowed 11 pts against the birds. :-[

Yup , there's no doubt about it , those Stamps stink !!! ;D

I;m going with the Command Center :)Useless...