Which team HAD the best Canadians players?

would be a good add on to ask wich university produces the best Canadian talent... i am thinking Queens. but this could possibly be determined by who has the most draft picks in high rounds. side note... anyone hear if anyone was intersted in giving glavic a tryout??

I would bet Laval is productive at training CIS players for the CFL. Laval has been THE sucesful team re winning the Vanier Cup which would make my opinion valid.

i was thinking lavel orrinally, but i was basing it on high draft picks by CFL teams. Queens has a bit of the edge. but then again... the lavel program is a lot newer then queens. im hopeing to see more dino products in the cfl soon. especially considering they went to two straight vanier cups(i know they lost). was prolly our last chance nwo that glavic has graduated.