Which team gives your team the most trouble??

:rockin: Matchups are always interesting. Some teams dominate others but cannot beat lesser teams. Having said this-------------------------------------

Which team do you NOT want your team to play because they give them the most trouble?

In my opinion I hate the Riders playing the Esks even though we whomped them once this year. Ray is a great passing qb.
What about your teams??

Probably the Riders, we seem to have a bit of trouble with them in the regular season (but not in the playoffs).

I think the Lions' biggest enemy is themselves.

My opinion for my team (Als) is the Winnipeg Blue Bombers.

the A-team

The Indianapolis Colts would give the Riders a serious run for their money. Other than that no one comes to mind.

AHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAH....kidding of course, prob the Peskimos. Good call Turkey. Ive been to 90% of home games and some road games in Edmonton for the last 25yrs and there is always an uncomfortable feeling in the air when these two match up.

Not this week though...sort of refreshing isnt it?


id say hamilton for the bombers actually, no matter what their record is they alwayse beat us at least once a year... some are complete and utter stompings

not sure why... calgary also makes a strong case against the bombers... for some reason burris ALWAYS brings his A game against us

What about the Riders playing in Never Wynn Stadium?

lol(NeverWynn stadium!) nernzi19 - good one!! Painfully true some years too!!

For the Lions, it would be the Riders in Taylor field, (Although this year its backwards so far) Last year I would have said Calgary.

Ya, but we beat you twice this year because we are the better now. :wink:

For Hamilton, it seems to be whichever team is the worst.

Look at this year: Clobbered by Calgary and Toronto, close games against Montreal and B.C., a split against Winnipeg, then a loss to Edmonton.

It's like they play up to their full potential against the top teams, and when they play the weaker ones they figure all they have to do is show up...and then they DON'T!

Last year I'd have to say nobody gave the Lions trouble.

This year I'd have to say injuries are our biggest worry.

I would say that over the past few seasons, the Lions have given the Als the most trouble. We have not beaten BC on their home turf since 2000 and have lost the Grey Cup twice to them with the first coming that same year. Those years when we started the season 9-0 or 7-0, it always seemed to be the Lions who put a stop to it.

Eskimo's. they always seem to beat us just when we need a loss the least (not that a loss is ever a good time) Grrr. I am an Anti-Eskimo. When the Eskimos play (except against the Riders of couse), I dont care who wins just as long as the Eskimos lose. :slight_smile:

There is one team that is giving all the other teams fits this year- the officiating crew.

Riders always have trouble with the Al's