Which team fits ME{DuckMonk}

IF you must know i am a loneWolf in the league. I am a Ex-Renegades fan and am in protest over the gliebs in power and i demand they be remove. However i am looking for a team that i can root for i am narrowing down the teams based on certain unique aspects that have them stand out i want to say. I am NOT A BANDWAGON FAN nor a turncoat. I am a Fan who enjoys NHL Hockey,Baseball and CFL Football I will say that i will remain a fan in protest untill the Gliebs are gone. the following teams I see that will fit well for me are:


Give me a reason why i should root for the team that i have listed above.

become a BB fan, mate, untill the G's get the boat in Ottawa.

and become a Jets fan, cuz the Ducks sux! :lol:

good to have you back mate!

really who cares!

I, for one, do. DM is a good friend.

Good KK is your friend now go cheer for the Bombers oh you will just cry there as well!

Ticats would be your best option IMO. Good looking team in upcoming years, good fans, and close to where I presume you live. Could always use another Rider fan, but you would have to be prepared to take a lot of abuse.

Overall though, you should remain a Renagades fan. The team is larger than the ownership. Even in the leanest of years, to remain loyal to your team is the right thing to do. Don't give them money by going to Landsdowne, go watch them in Toronto or Montreal or Hamilton instead. That way you still support your team, the CFL, but not the Gliebermans.

good advise RF, but if many do this then I guess to see the gades you will need to go to Windsor. I would go to the games in Ottawa regardless. The product will soon be upgraded so it can win but to do that the Gleibs need to be embarassed with a very bad unfield product. And well with J Jenkins coaching that should happen by late July. Always support your team. Do not punish the players for stupidity in the front office.

I agree with redwhite2005 and riderfanatic, support your team no matter who is in ownership. I know it may be tough but you may want to talk to some of the stamps fans about f-troop.

Exactly roughy this guy from California who wears a box on his head decided to buy the team his son was on. So then he gets rid of all the people that made the team successful. He then decides he does not want competition for his son so he makes sure there is not upgrades at the QB position. I have to say though Kevin took many hits and he tried in spite of his father. But talk about bad this was everything you can think of bad. Yet all the fans were there for the team. Eventually the team was sinking fast and local ownership who cares stepped up and bought the team. Ottawa fans needs to support the team for this reason. If the team sucks in attendance no one will come to buy the team. You then will need to cheer for Windsor!

if attendance is good, the Gliebs wont sell.....

i DO want teh team to do well and get good attendance and saty in Ottawa, cuz we dont need a team in windsor.

I just hit that button again, RW2k6

DG I do not agree on this one. If you are a porspective buyer the first thing they look at is attendance. Would you buy a team with ten fans in the stands> I think not.

Thank you D God.

Duck monk you sound like a Stampeder fan to me, or you could very well be a Rider fan...
Both teams are mu ch like yourself...lost with no direction, looking for something to provide a littlehope.
If you want to be a Bomber brother, you have to be of strong mind, with commitment for sucess...
Only the strongest of will, earn the chance.... of cheering for the Bombers

i know, but why would the Gliebs sell, if they are selling lots of tickets, and making money....its like the chicken or the egg question...which comes first?

DG if this were true then Fetrik would still be the owners of the Stampdeders and well we would be like bomber fans no hope!

Thought you seen that post 05...lol..

why did he sell then?

yes you are a very funny fellow! But you must have read mine as well ( crying like a bomber fan ha ha ha ha ) or hope less like a bomber fan.

Actually I didn’t…answer dg he’s waiting…