Which team failed worse this week? EE or BC?

Both teams were given chances to clinch first place and failed miserably to Saskatchewan and Calgary. However BC does get first place thanks to Calgary beating Edmonton even though they have been utterly useless since August 27th losing 6 of the last 7 games including two HOME losses to SASKATCHEWAN. It is clear to see the Stampeders are now the favorites in the West.

Good luck Stampeders and Burris I hope we meet you guys in the Grey Cup. You earned 2nd place fair and square and deserve it with the talented team you have put together this year. Good luck against Edmonton again next week and then in BC for the West Final.

I think there is NO DOUBT that the big losers are the Eskimos. They had a chance to clinch a bye with first place. Instead they not only have to play an extra game (West Semi-final) but have to do so on the road in Calgary. THEY BLEW IT BIG TIME. The Lions lucked out big time too, but even if Edmonton had won they would have hosted the semi-final at home. Edmonton blew a golden opportunity least of which was more revenue for their team by hosting a playoff game. I must admit though, it is very tough to beat a team twice in a row. Calgary will have to play flawless football and have the stars lined up just right to come out on top cuz the Eskimos will have something to prove BIG TIME next week. Should be two interesting and enjoyable and tense Semis!!!!!!!!!!

CFL Rocks!!!!!!!!!!!!

Edmonton failed the wrost cuz they losted a home game and a chace for frist. and I thought Winnipeg being out of the playoffs was bad, but then again, Edmonton is still alieve, WPG isn't.

Yeah like Edm needs more revenue LMAO!!!

Edm- finishing third with their big CAP
BC is in first, they'll shake it off

Esks blew it way worse than the Lions. Lions had been struggling so it wasn't a surprise for them to lose but the Esks were so damn confident cause they had won 3 in row and blew it against the STamps.

I'll admit i wasn't expecting the eskimos to win, with the way they were talking about it in the paper. But I didn't think we'd lose this badly.

They both failed. They'll do it again if both dont elevate their games.

Either way both are good teams, i just believe Calgary's a better team
right now. Chemistry on this team is better then ive ever seen from a
Stamps team. They all genuinely get along.

Both BC and Edmonton dropped the ball...more ways than one! And if both don't pick up their games, They'll both be watching the Stampeders represent the West.

The Esks blew it far worse. Phleming missing two early one's, Hervey taking one off the cage for an I.N.T., Tucker's gaffer, and Ray not protecting the ball...call that playoff football? At least BC's D was solid....

Obviously the Edmonton Eskimos failed to a greater degree than the BC Lions because they finished third in the West due to their being hammered by the Calgary Stampeders. Since the BC Lions lost, with an Eskimo win last Sunday they would have finished first and had a bye for the West Semi-final, and a home game against either BC or Calgary for the West Final. in addition they have to play an extra game as a result of their failure, and every game will be on the road.
The BC Lions by losing could have finished second in the West and had the West Semi-final as a home game, but this would have meant an extra game for them and less time to rest their injured players. However thanks to the Calgary Stampeders, they still get the week off and the West Final at home. I still think the winner of the West Semi-final will beat BC in the West Final and go to the Grey Cup in Vancouver on November 27, 2005

Even though BC losing to the Riders was bad enough, Edmonton was worse since they were clobbered by Calgary. Pretty much BC gave them a gift and they blew it.

I figure it doesn't matter who blew it more last weekend, both teams look ripe for the picking in the playoffs by the Calgary.