Which Team Do You Feel Sorry For The Most Poll?

The choices are clear.

Whats the third option?

Complete Jealousy. It’ll be the Eskimos and Argos in Vancouver this November.

I changed the question because I am not a jealous person.
Argonauts_04_Champs made me do it.

uhh ok. :lol:

Anyway...i did feel sorry for Saskatchewan but they seem to have turned the corner. I feel sorry for the fans of Hamilton because they have such a love for that team, and to have someone like Bob Young has their owner must be really tough. Also having Marshall as their coach wouldn't be too fun either. Those two indiviuals have no sense of what its like to run a successful pro football program and pro football team.

I feel sorry for Ottawa because they can't catch a break anymore. What seemed like a promising team in the beginning of the season is quickly becoming a joke.

yours, super...yours :cry:



Ottawa....If it wasn't for bad luck...they wouldn't have any luck!

From penthouse to outhouse! the Eskie's. But give credit to the T Cats they had a great game.


I feel bad for Sask because they should have won more games than they did. They lost both to Ottawa and are still in the running for second place, which proves a lot to me. Ottawa might have beat the Riders twice, but they won't make the playoffs anyways so it clearly shows who the better team is so I feel bad for both Sask and Ottawa. And Winnipeg I guess, nothing's gone right for them in recent years. :frowning:

Ottawa, started off great but then went sour.

I would say ottawa, but they can come back to make a season of it. But agian they have little to no support.



And your gang are surely running away with things, hey HT?