Which Stadium should the Bombers Choose?

lol one of them i dont care. if the third one was do able, definatly go for that, but thats pretty well out of the picture i believe. i ay whatever has a dome, go for it lol. more leg room would also be nice.i dont know about u guys but aspers looks great to me

asper's this one looks like u could put some kinda tarp on it for cold games like GC or playoff games which would be nice instead of always freezin

its either down to the 1st or the 2nd stadium but i want a domed stadium

WOW, this comes as a surprise!!! This is going to be a hot topic in weeks to come. Personally #1 looks great, as well as #2. #3 I never did like (location and look) one bit. But a couple of problems i have with the OBJECTIVE the Asper's put forth, even though i think the Asper's should and WILL be long term assets to a thriving Bomber club. The problems i see with these designs is everthing is said to be RETAIL and HOTEL (year round), k the stadium designs are nice but have to be at least 40,000 seats or expandable to at least such for bigger events (Grey Cup ETC.). The other problems i think are Polo Park S.C. and Canad Inns Polo Park. Would they be happy with more competition in the area (NO), would they want there stake in the new Stadium (YES), now the hotel i cannot seeing a big issue, but i can see the Mall putting up a fight. we will see how it plays out. JUST DO NOT BUILD #3.

What's this? You can see the stadium in the backround:

Design #1 is definately better than the rest for no other reason than the bulk of the seating is located along the sidelines. The other 2 designs place far too many seats in the corners and end zones.

...whichever one is best suited for the fans and the weather elements definitely have to be taken into consideration...There's a huge amount of dollars going into this project....and after saying that....THEY BETTER GET IT RIGHT....personally i'm leaning towards no. 2.... :thup: :rockin:

I am most proud of the integrity that the Blue have enlisted to create these projects, but seriously considering the motivation of all of them the one I trust is David Asper and his team. His heritage I think, proves that he's truly interested in building the value of the city, not just in creating a cash cow for himself. Best of luck to all of them and yes I just pray that they do it right... Although I'd hate to cross Big Lyle in something so important!
Get 'er Done!!!! GO BOMBERS!!!!!!

I like Design #2 then #1.

I think the "Toilet Bowl" design should be "flushed away"! :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

I never noticed the similarity to a toilet bowl! You Sir might save our franchise from 100 years of embarrasment.

ya alot of people would like a dome but on global new when interviewed about the stadium he said he believed that football was an outdoor sport so most likely dome not happening it kinda sux tho well i guess we will be hosting the 100th grey cup in the new stadium thats when i think the GC game will be back any ways

thats the new retail center Asper plans to build for '09, so the bombers have a revenue stream outside the football season.

Before we go any further on any Stadium proposal I think we need to settle down and look at this whole thing dispassionately. I agree that a new facility is needed. If for no other reason than there have been too many deaths and injuries in the current structure that are directly traceable to the necessarily haphazard expansions and the age of it. The grounds are buckling with age, the amenities are hazardous and the overall impression is ugliness. We do need something, and soon.

So the question then is do we go with the Asper proposal. Asper still has to convince the Province to give up $80 million and there is some resistance. The building would still be open-air so would be usable for only ½ the year. $145+ million is a lot to pay.

A major part of the plan is retail and hotel space to offset the costs of running the building. Is that really what we need? More retail space in a city, and especially along St.James Street, that is already over-retailed? The only new retail that makes it in this city is the big-box stores because all of the niches for small and medium size retail are filled. With indoor shopping right next door we need to ask if more retail space is either needed or advisable. The same goes for hotel space. Even when Winnipeg hosts big events there is no shortage of rooms.

Money is still being raised, and taxpayers are on the hook, for another Asper family project, the Human Rights Museum. Now I’m all for human rights, but other museums devoted to “human rights? have been turned into holocaust memorials. This museum will get lots of attention from international dignitaries in its first year, but owing to its remote location subsequent visitors will likely be school kids on field trips. While I would like to believe that the motivations for these projects are altruistic, I can’t help but feel that the Asper family proposes big developments as personal memorials. It’s been called the Edifice Complex and I’m not sure that the city and province can support it.

If we have to be on the hook for a big project the Aspers should prioritize. Another holocaust museum will do little for the city in the long run while a new stadium would pay off for years. The retail space is not needed nor would it be welcome. The impetus for a new stadium has to be the needs of the football team and football fans first. The Blue Bombers are an institution in this city but their needs may be met by a cheaper proposal. Better, I think, to go with a cheaper structure and build around it as need arises.

Well we all hate the toilet bowl. thats a known fact. the one on the blue bombers site is nice but the design by asper is beautiful to say the least. it is a great building design as a good number of seats at around 53,000 (grey cup standards) and has a futuristic look to it. So i say we take aspers design give him the ownership cuz then with the money he is putting into the stadium build it.

When business people … the calibre of the Aspers, get involved with a project of such monumental proportions…You can be sure that every possible element has been looked at …worked…and re-worked so as the total outcome will be and should be a benefit to all…I’m sure that David Asper did not get involved with this venture to lose money,you can be sure of that…but the impetus he has created would not have come from any other source that I see on the immediate horizon. We can be sure of a new facility with this proposal,which will definitely secure the future for the Wpg. Blue Bombers. The stumbling blocks as I see it, could be the levels of government who have to contribute…IF and when this final hurdle is overcome, we should be able to move forward into a new era for the Winnipeg football club and its fans. I see the whole proposal as win… win…I wish the Aspers good luck with their plan and vision. :thup: :thup: :rockin:

The Argos already have the rights to the 100th GC. I like design #2, it looks very modern. And remember that these aren't necessarily the exact replicas of these proposed stadiums. Maybe #2 could have more of its seats positioned between the goal lines.

any new news on this stadium deal?

The just relaesed feasibilty study seemed to use the "toilet bowl" concept. That study says it should be doable so I really hope the BB go ahead. The greatest plus that the third design has,IMO, is that it looks like it would not require much additional engineering to pop a roof on to creat a dome especially if it was inflatable. I think you will see the third one even if it is less well liked here.
Anyway, I am super jealous of you and would love to get a new stadium here (Sask).

Design 3. But leave it to winnipeg to choose something ugly.

That thing better have more seats than their old stadium. Its only logical that it has at least double because the stadium their in now otherwise it'll look pretty stupid, to build a whole brand new stadium with only 30,000 seats.

I don't know how you guys hate design 3, toilet bowl in CGI maybe, in person you'd be in awe. BUt to be honest all those designs look like they're from winnipeg, because they're all ugly just like Winnipeg. AHAHAHA