Which Southern Ontario Franchise is the Worst?

It looks to be another losing summer in Southern Ontario sports wise. Argos are bad, Jays will have fallen from contention after their series with the White Sox, and when fall arrives, the Leafs, who are cursed by the ghost of Harold Ballard, and the Raptors are not going very far in their upcoming seasons, again. Only the Tabbies show any kind of promise of being a contender. So which franchise is the most pathetic?

i'm gonna go with the leafs because they've been pathetic since the 60s...the raptors might be the only team to show some promise

yeah i agree with that. leafs are going to suck again next year, they ddint clue in, get rid of all your old players, there useless in the new NHL. you need young guns who are 20-25 years old, not 40 year olds who can't keep up.

do you even KNOW what your talking about??.. the Leafs average team age is at 27

I think this thread is a little out of line.

...huh?...1-6 and being shutout at home is 'showing signs of being a contender'???...don't think so.

lol, great poll sambo, keep up the good work, I voted for those hapless leafs as well although it was a toughy.

You see DG, what happens when a team is forced to use their back-up? It was Hamilton last week and Winnipeg this week. Hamilton shows more promise than any of the Toronto teams. I included them only because they are in southern Ontario as well. I could have said Toronto teams, but then I could have included the Senators(for southern Ontario) in that poll as well.

u make no sense....torontos been using thier back-ups all season.

hamilton used thiers for ONE GAME....and they always lose regardless of whos starting.

i suspect u WISH hamilton were contenders, because they are not even close.

OK, maybe not this year, but who will be contending 2 to 3 yrs from now? I suspect that the raptors may have a decent team in that time, and the Tabbies as well, but as for the rest....

ok, then...2 or 3 years is a diff. story.

hamilton ticats

Actually Sambo, i think the Raptors will have a decent season. I think that trade for TJ Ford was a good move, same with the signing or Fred Jones. I liked him when he was in Indiana - and i dont like the Pacers... I think Chris Bosh will have a great year with TJ passing him the ball. I can actually see them getting to the playoffs even if they are an 8th seeded team. Too bad there wasnt any clear #1 draft pick this year. i bet they coulda got more for the #1 pick than for Andrei Bargani (sp?). But anyways i think they will definitely have a much better, and more improved season.

Tabbies played a decent game last night, so I would not count them out just yet...