Which round of the playoffs will the stamps choke in?

According to the Stats the Stamps have the second best defense in most catagories. And to think the were 7th last year.

[url=http://www.cfl.ca/uploads/assets/CFL/2008_stats/reg_5.pdf]http://www.cfl.ca/uploads/assets/CFL/20 ... /reg_5.pdf[/url]

I do believe that this could be Calgary's year. Yes, the defence isn't as good as it could be, but judging from their recent games, they have played pretty well. Burris has the maturity to finally win in the big games, IMO. If the Riders don't make it to the GC or lose out in the 1st round, I will be cheering on the Stamps.

Appears to me that some of you think you already have first place wrapped up. This was the comment I was refering to.

To be honest with you redwhite2005, I don't think the Riders will make it to the big game this year either. Although we might be getting players back, they have all been out of the lineup for more than half the season. The conditioning of the players just won't be there and it will be like a good Rider team from the beginning of the year taking on a good Stamp team or Lion team or whoever we play in the playoffs with a years worth of conditioning and chemistry.

In the grey cup when the riders beat them.

G&W no where does he mention we have 1st place is a given. Other then we will host the west final which is a possiblity . But he did not say it was a given. I agree that it will be diffiuclt for your team but what is Miller doing with the QB's nothing like trying to find your QB this late in the season.

Now red stud you been drinking that water in the toon haven’t you.

Seems pretty obvious that he is saying first place is in the bag. No where in his post does he say that it is a possibility that the Stamps will get first. He said the Stamps will not be playing in the west semi final, and it is impossible for them to choke in the first round of the playoffs. He makes it sound like they have it all locked up, but as this season has shown anything can happen in the wild wild West.

I agree with you about the quarterback situation, which is another reason why I don't think we have what it takes to make it to the big game. Michael Bishop should have never been brought to riderville, and they should have riden out Durant's injury at the beginning of the season with Marcus Crandell or possibly put in Steven Jyles.

Exactly Bishop has more air space between the ears Afganistan.

Just to clarify, for greenandwhite, regarding my prediction. I said the Stamps won't be in the western semi. I'm confident they won't. I did say they won't choke. There IS a difference between playing well and losing and plain ol choking. If the Stamps lose it won't because Burris choked, but because another team outplayed them. They could lose 40-39 in a barn burner with no errors but it would not be considered choking.Am I confident the Stamps will play well? yup.

Just remember, losing a well played hard fought game is not choking. Losing to the Riders in the western final 42-5 would be

Ouch that is a big choke is that not.

Like choking on a size 12 cowboy boot :cowboy:

G&W choking coming from a fan of a team that does not know who is going to get the snaps from one game to the next. Had to say it my friend LOL.

Thats ok you traded away the best running back in the league, we don't need a quarterback.

Funny G&W Reynolds still plays fro the stamps we did not trade him. I believe he is the rushing leader is he not? You can not be wrong twice in one night can you? :cowboy:

Wes Cates 1580 total yards from scrimmage Joffrey Reynolds 1412. Wes Cates 5.9 yards per carry Joffrey Reynolds 5.6. Wes Cates 38 reception for 428 yards, Joffrey Reynolds 37 for only 245 yards. Wes Cates 10 rushing touchdowns Joffrey Reynolds 9. Joffrey Reynolds only had 15 more yards coming into this week then Wes Cates and that is the only stat that he has on him. How many games has Reynolds missed? Wes Cates is clearly the more dominant back, and is a better all around player than Reynolds.

How can I vote since the Stamps can't make it to the semi-final. Better change the coices to the Western final or the Grey Cup.
I will pick the latter but I don't see the Stamps choking at all.

As of Oct 25th
RB Joffrey Reynolds CAL 17 226 1295 76.2 5.7 10 50 5
RB Wes Cates SAS 13 194 1152 88.6 5.9 10 36 4
RB Avon Cobourne MON 12 145 950 79.2 6.6 6 42 7
RB Stefan Logan BCL 11 106 751 68.3 7.1 0 66 2

Seems to me TSN has reynolds on top for now. http://www.tsn.ca/cfl/statistics/?seaso … ng&column=

Hate to say this G&W the only team I see choking is the riders.

I hope it's in the Grey Cup against the Als!

The Stamps are the only team the Als haven't beat this season, so it would be awesome to win the big game against them!

I have a sneaky suspision though, we're gonna see yet another Montreal/Edmonton final..shhhhh

Coming into this week Wes Cates was only 15 yards away from Reynolds, but he played three less games. IN ALL OTHER AREAS, yards per carry, touchdowns, recieving yards, etc Cates had better numbers then Reynolds. Had Cates and Reynolds played the same amount of games, Reynolds would look like a high school running back in terms of numbers. Wes Cates is clearly better, and the stats speak for themselves.

Congrats Calgary on clinching first place.

G&W I understand that Cates played less but that has happened to Reynolds in the past and up until now I never used it as an excuse as blink won the rushing title. And thanks the Stamps for your statement on the Stamps winning first. But that is what this post is about not rushing but if the stamps would choke. It appears it will not be in the semi final now. G&W can you go shake the ole chicken coup to get turkeybend up I would like to hear is expert opinion. I can see it now Live and in Living colour from the Chicken Coup in Carrot Creek Saskatchewan!