Which round of the playoffs will the stamps choke in?

I would add the Grey Cup to the options but it is impossible that they will make it there.

...better not be any cryin' by you when the Stamp fans come right back at ya with a poll of their own...

No worries I have never "cryed" about anything on this site. It's all in fun.

The Stamps cannot choke in the semi final as they won’t be in it. They will be hosting the west final. As far as choking goes its not going to happen. Not this year. Although HB has choked in the past he has shown a elevated level of maturity and understanding of the game this year more than any other.

He has stable coach in Huff and a calming influence in DD. I think if any team is going to stink the joint out like a rotting carp in pot ash field it will be the hapless riders.

A potash field, eh?

If we were smart, we'd grow oil instead of potash.....

…no no no AL, the field is for growing carp, fertilized by potash, the rotting occurred because the carp wasn’t sufficiently covered with soil…

…all funnies aside, I agree with what '67 said, we are seeing a different Hank these days and I don’t think choke is in his vocabulary anymore…still though, this current edition of the stamps need to get that playoff backmonkey surgically removed with one solid win…fail that objective and the sky falls on McMahon…succeed with that objective and making a run at the EEs five consecutive Grey Cup wins is all but assured [evil laugh]HAHAHAHAHA!!![evil laugh}…

LOL, correct RW, the carp fields were neglected. Actually, Sask being a rich farming province lends itself to having a high potash content.( due to fertilizer use) . Now close your eyes and imagine a lone carp laying rotting in a recently harvested potash laden farmers field.

Geez you guys have no imagination :rockin:

Part of the problem with your mental image is that carp aren't real popular 'round these parts. Now a slimy old jackfish....that's a whole 'nother matter.

As for the Stamps, the above posters are correct - Hank's meltdowns this year have been way down, possibly even to zero. Calgary has 1st as good as locked up, and, barring injury, have got to be the favorite for the West Crown.

I wish it weren't true, and hope it does't happen, but those are the facts as I see 'em.

...in other words, the stamps are currently sitting in the same position the Lions were at this time last year, and we all know how that story ended....

...running the table is a difficult thing to do...

Although I am a Lions fan, I hate to say it but I like the Stamps chances to make it to the GC this year. Too soon to call the GC winner, but I suspect the Eastern team will be Montreal.

It will be a scrap regardless, unless something wierd happens and the Riders fluke their way in.

I'm saying Stamps for GC champ.

Go Lions go!

stamps will not choke, but they are going to lose to either bc or the riders. :thup: :rockin: :cowboy: :stuck_out_tongue:

I agree with Big Dog. While I'd like my Lions to pull an upset, I see a lot of reasons for the Stamps to win it all.

(1) Dave Dickenson (behind the scenes) has made Henry Burris a more mature QB. Burris has really cut down on his "Dumb Decisions" this year.

(2) Calgary's Defensive coordinator (Chris Jones???) is miles ahead of where Denny Creehan was.

(3) Huffnagel and Cortez running a very smooth well executed offense.

I hope I'm wrong and the Lions pull it off, but Calgary is sure looking good to win it all this year.

C'mon, do you REALLY think the Riders can Fluke their way in 2 years in a row. Impossible I say. :cowboy:

I hope the Stamps can make it to the Grey Cup and i think they will. but if the Bombers can somehow make it there too then it would be earaly simalar to the 2001 Grey Cup where Calgary struggled early on in the season, squeeked into the playoffs and managed to upset the heavily favourd Bombers in the Grey Cup that was also played in Montreal. Being a Stamps fan I hope the bombers don't do the same thing that the Stamps did.

My guess is alot of the Bombers haven' bothered putting their US Thanksgiving plans on hold.....

The Stamps are for real. Although I do believe BC has a better chance to knock them down then the hillbillies or the eskies.

I still think Calgary has one of the weaker defenses in the CFL, although they are rounding into shape and looking a lot more organized than last year. They've been lit up twice by mediocre quarterbacking, but they've also looked pretty good at times as well. I think which defense shows up will be a much larger determining factor in how well the Stamps do than Burris.

People rag on Rider fans a lot for the hate on Burris, but he sure seems to take the brunt from the Calgary media after a loss, even if the Stamps score a boat load of points.

I agree that the Stamp's D is suspect, but when Burris, Reynolds, Rambo, Lewis, etc. are clicking, they can pick apart any defense in the CFL and can win a shootout if necessary.

Of the Stamps 5 losses, 3 were by a field goal or less, so their D generally plays well enough to keep them close enough to win.

But on the other hand, they were ahead in a couple of those games until the last minute... so maybe their D does suck.

Stamp fans do not count the chickens before they hatch; you havent clinched first place yet. You still have two games left, Hamilton is playing with nothing to lose and you will be suprised how well a player will play with their job on the line. Don't count them out or you will be in for an unpleasant surprise. You still have BC left too. A loss to them puts you in second place. With that said, if you beat Hamilton this week, we win this week, and BC wins this week I will paint my face red for that final game of the year and be cheering my hardest for the stamps to win.

Funny I have not seen one stamp fan count their chickens yet. Before critquing the Stamps defense check the stats. G&W how confident are you going into the game with the eskimos when your coach has no clue who is going to be QB. I like the stamps chances.