Which rooks will make an impact in 2009?

Anybody who has watched the team in TC want to guess? I've head good things about LB Castelo, WR Currie, and DL Hickman.

Off the top of my head.. Dylan Barker @ free safety. He's technically not a rookie but never played a regular season down last year.

I thought Hurry Currie looked very talented and speedy. :thup:

David Ball is looking pretty good, hopefully a rookie on the D-line comes through and surprises some people.

and although he is not a rookie, a sort of unknown guy from last year, Bo Smith, he has been playing corner with the first team D and did a pretty good job on Prechae yesterday, and then as soon as the second team D came in, porter found prechae for a big gain, Smith also had an int today in practice

I'm gonna have to go with...

#18 - David Ball: This guy is just unreal when it comes to catching the ball, and he is amazing at making those tough catches in traffic look so easy. Just look at the B&G scrimmage, how amazing was that one long reception over Zemaitis.

#95 - Justin Hickman: He has really been the only Rookie D-Lineman that has really stood out in every practice..

#2 - Airese Currie: He has unbelieveable speed, quickness, and hands. It is truly a battle between David Ball and Currie in the rookie receiver department and I see both players playing this season. It will all come down to who makes the best of their opportunities when they get them.

In addition to Ball, Currie and Hickman, I think that Deandra' Cobb will also make an impact. This guy is quick and slick, he has some moves. Should be a good kick returner.

Ball is a sure bet. But I am really hoping for Darcy Brown to make an impact. His size and speed is a rarity.

I think he's just got a case of the rookie Jitters right now. He's in a new place, surrounded by monstrous men, most of which are skilled vets. Once he becomes more confident and shakes the CIS off then he'll make a huge impact IMO.