Which qb would u rather on your team?

Im curious who u think is beta and who u like beta!!

im sayin Casey cause i like his ability to scramble... although it will be interesting to see if he can repeat his performance of last year... GO LIOS!!!

who cares about scrambilng when Ray can drop it into anywhere on the field, and he;s got the height to throw it over anyone in his way.

They are two different types of quarterbacks so it really depends on the style you like. I give the edge to Ray based on back to back Grey Cup appearances. Wonder if Printers will be able to deliver a grey cup this season. He has the team to do it.

Thats a tough one.. But I had to side with Ray, because he's got a ring.

For me, Printer's is a no brainer. I don't like this sucky baby money grab he is currently going through, but blow for blow, I don't think any QB in this league can match Printers talent, including Ray. Printers may not have a Grey Cup yet, but it's coming whether it's with the Lions or someone else.

I selected Printers because he's an escape artist and that's good for the show. I will most likely watch all of my team's games, so I'd pick the one who'd add some "woooo-ahhh" to these games.

But of course I wouldn't be deceived to get Ray either.

It's like if you said: "Who would you rather get?":

  • Anwar Stewart or Terrell Jurineack?
  • Troy Davis or Kenton Keith?
  • Jeremaine Copeland or Matt Dominguez?
  • Ben Cahoon or Geroy Simon?

There are no wrong answers...

........like Betty or Veronica..........ur going to win either way........

Betty....Oops, I mean Casey. That really is a tough poll question because both are good for various reasons. Ray, for his exceptional passing, and Printers for his scrambling. I gave the edge to Printers because he constantly amazes me how he gets away from being sacked. There is no wrong answer in this poll....I'd welcome either one with open arms!

This deserves a poll of its own.


How about Mary-Ann or Ginger?


:mrgreen: MAAS :mrgreen:

Marry Betty or Mary-Ann; keep Ginger or Veronica in an apartment just outside of town… 8)

Oh, and Casey Printers as my quarterback.

Therre is no doubt that Printers is a much better QB that Ray. i'll admit that ray was good before but after being in the NFL, he lost his stuff and he just doesn't want to admit that Printers is the Far Superior QB in the CFL now!