Which QB will have the greatest impact this year?

The CFL has so many good quarterbacks this year but which one will be noticed the most? Will it be last years MVP Casey Printers? Grey Cup MVP Damon Allen? Ricky Ray in his return from the NFL? will it be Calvillo with another 6000 yard season? Or will it be some new guy making a break upon the scene? Which quaterback will have the greatest impact this season?

the greatest impact a QB. will make this year is the one who is sacked by two big linemen and leaves his indent in the field…seriously I believe Spergon Wynn will make the biggest difference in Wpg…the lions did the Bombers a real favour trading him to the Peg. He could be the ‘catch’ of the year…We all know how good Printers is…and Dickenson if he is healthy…watch out for Ray in Edm. they’ll all make their mark. :arrow:

It will be Calvillo with a 8000 yard run

I think AC will be the biggest impact qb. With him the als are awesome. witho out him they aren;t good at all.

Kerry Joseph will have the most impact on his team! If he stays healthy, the Rens will compete with anyone this year. If he gets injured, Brad Banks gets a chance and could impress but I think the Rens will not be able to be as competitive.