Which QB will have the better game this weekend?

I think LeFors comes out a bit better than Akili, but mainly because Akili had better use of weapons and protection and still didn't get it done. I think if LeFors had been starting for Cgy, he would have given them a good chance to win like Sankey did.

LeFors did have a better performance than Smith, and Smith will be holding a clipboard for the rest of the season.

Too bad for LeFors his receivers couldn't catch a cold that day.

It wasn't just bad hands from Gaylor, it was the playcalling again. We haven't been going deep with Gaylor or Nowacki all season, and now suddenly they're the go-to guys downfield? What was Chapdelaine thinkin' ? You'd have thought that Peterson and Tucker were injured like Acree, they got so little mention and no chances for big plays..... On the bright side, at least LeFors is still alive and breathing after that debacle.

LeFors. Seems Smith will be in the UI line.

I guess if they cut you, the verdict is in.
Lefors, by default!

I suspect that cap issues likely factored into releasing Akili.