Which QB will have the better game this weekend?

Simple question- which of these two QBs will show that he is ready to play in the CFL- Smith or LeFors?

I voted for Akili Smith, I have a gut feeling he will put in a good effort this week.

That Smith guy is decent..
Seems to show a little poise in pocket..
Not like some other Stamp QB...

Tough call, Sambo.
But I choose Akili.
If he is healthy, he has a better pedigree, more experience and a far better group of weapons to use than does Lefors.
I don't like the odds of either one winning (okay, let me rephrase that--I do like the fact they likely won't win--just not the odds) this weekend, but this is Akili Smith's s chance to show everyone why he was a 3rd overall pick in the NFL.

I think it will be interesting to see if either can step up and make their case to become a back-up or starter in the future. Maybe after a few more games, they will be more comfortable as starters.

…sorry i don;t like what i saw from either of these guys…Smith seems to have an arm…but appears to be in delicate health …LeFors looks greener than the turf he’s running on…(could also be his uniform that makes him look green)…soooo until we see a little more from either of these guys…my vote is neither… :roll: :roll:

Both will be ready, the question is who will be successful? I guess if I had to choose one it would be Akili.

Akili by a couple touchdowns.

It doesnt hurt that some mouth piece questions
your toughness for some additional motivation.

LOL, not one mouthpiece but two of them...

Neither should have to do much except hand the ball off and scramble a bit. I have them both winning their first CFL starts this week.

I think Lefors will do better. From the little both have played, Lefors has already shown himself to be a better QB.

Just because Smith was high in the NFL draft doesn't mean squat...otherwise he would have played more in the NFL.

I voted Akili...

LeFors for sure IMO...just based on his quick release, and the number of game reps. he's had. Remember that Edmonton was once VERY high on Giles and LeFors leapfrogged him. Akili Smith is the lesser of two evils for the Stamps IMO.


Well, after the first contest in this head to head comparison, Calgary had best hope Akili outperforms Mr. Lefors, or it will be a long Turkey Day for them.

And the winner is...neither!
How come Sankey wasn't a choice?
Lefors played marginally better than Akili, but I doubt Akili was 100% healthy either.
I don't think they rolled him out of the pocket even once, and that is not his game....

I didnt pick Sankey because he was not scheduled to start, LeFors and Smith were. If Burris isnt ready to go, then Sankey will get the start for sure.

" If Burris isnt ready to go, then Sankey will get the start for sure."

Ya think?

No, I think Smith will get the start again.. :roll: :roll: , really Eskylo, you are getting to be a lot like RLR-- trollish.

I'm dissappointed in you Sambo.
You couldn't have predicted a guy who had only been in camp about 2 days longer than this poll existed might play (and play well)?

No seers in your family, I guess!!

I was just focusing on the 2nd stringers at the time- Lefors and Smith. I heard that Edmonton is looking to trade for Maas, it will be interesting to see if does go back- and who will go the other way.