Which QB will Als protect? Smith or Marsh?

Season is young, a lot of football left to play, but within a few short weeks I've gone from wondering if we would have any QB worth protecting from OTT's expansion draft... now we've signed Smith, and Marsh has had his first coming out party.

How do you foresee things playing out? No point protecting Calvillo of course given hsi age, so what about the other two?

And given the QB's potentially available across the league, will OTT have better choices elsewhere?
I think Popp may not mind having whichever of the two he doesn't protect taken, as it would allow him to protect extra players after that in the rest of the expansion draft.

I think they'll protect Marsh when all is said and done.

I agree that there is no point in protecting Calvillo, even if he comes back an performs at an all-star level for the rest of the season (please, let's not diverge into a debate of the likelihood of that, that is not the point here).

As for the Marsh/Smith choice it is too early to discuss. It is even possible that Neiswander could settle in and prove the best of the three (again, that likelihood is not the point).

Another factor regarding Smith may be whether or not he would be interested in going to an expansion team at this point in his career. Also, I believe I read his salary takes a big bump next year and includes with an early year bonus of significance; would Ottawa be interested in spending big dollars in their first year on an unproven QB?