Which QB should start in ESF?

I like Masoli's mobility and decisiveness.


SW 50KPH winds are called for on Sun., I also like Masoli's mobility in those conditions

Masoli has the most experience and history with the Ticats. He definitely had some problems last year when he started, but he's had a chance to grow from them and the coaching staff still seems to have faith in him. So should we.

Agree with this :thup: . And I wouldn't have said that a week ago for sure. I know that Gale is listed as the #3 because they really need to have one, but seriously he isn't an option.

Totally off topic but since it happened as I was typing, Bridge in Montreal is having himself a GAME here. Early in the 4th and he just tossed a BOMB from mid-field to Cunningham in the end zone for a TD! Maybe Montreal has their starter for next season - but then they are playing the greenies. :lol:

We're not in great shape no matter who it is.

BUT…if Mathews is healthy, it's him.

We are dead with Mazola.

:lol: Mazola, Hendy nice one!

I don't care for butter fingers either. The guy has a history of fumbling. I like Mathews for the ESF.

I do have to agree that this team's chances of winning do not look good even if Mathews can play. If Mathews can play, I can see both him and Masoli being utilized. There may be experimentation with using a pocket passer and a more mobile QB. Whether Mathews can play or not, I can see more than one QB being utilized.

Well, there's a thread for that here: viewtopic.php?f=5&t=99633

It was the Riders Bridge went up against. (And that reminds me of what was said about Mathews after his great performance against them.) But there you'll see what I had to say about that performance just being against the Saskatchewan D.