Which QB should lead the Ticats this year?

I find this poll to be in extremely poor taste for an owner to launch. But I repeat myself here. It's his toy. But he clearly knew that Manziel was signed.

I hope that Mazoli and Manziel do well. But I sure look at Young differently now. I expect this reply will soon be deleted. But I do wish the team well.

its all in fun. nothing poor taste about it. sheesh.

Thanks for asking, and for those who haven't followed my posts here over the last few years - I don't do football, so this poll has no, zero, nada influence on football managment.

My posts are normally about off-the-field issues relating to our favourite football team. The only exceptions are the occassional post about something I think is funny. Such as putting 60 year-olds in polls for QB of a professional football team. (Some of you will undoubtedly agree with my wife, namely that I am not nearly as funny as I think I am.)

The Tiger-Cat coaching staff have always known (because I tell them) that they are required -not- to listen to me on anything to do with football. That way I can hang out here and second guess all their decisions with the brilliant football minds who hang out in these forums. ;D

Cheers, Bob.

Get a life “Man?. Bob is just having some fun as do some of us when we start a thread. If you don’t like, don’t respond/participate. I for one had a big chuckle seeing this from Bob. Shows he is a fan, human and not just an owner.

Bob has a great sense of humor, and I'm loving every second of it. He even takes criticism with such grace.

JF may or not workout. But thank you so much for simply turning over every rock in order to provide the fans with a championship team.

Last time I had a #2 ticats Jersey, it had "Clements" on it; once again I can get a #2 Jersey this time with "Manziel".

( For the record, it makes no sense to start JF, it should be JM job to lose - that is exactly how June Jones sees it)

Ti-Cats want to win and win now?
No-brainer then, get JF up to speed on the CFL game the rest will follow.

A lot of that is up to Johnny himself. He needs to really put in the time to watch film & learn the nuances of the Canadian game. Since he has described himself as not being "an x's & o's guy", it's going to be difficult for him.

We didn’t want to win before? Is winning now new? Yes, get everyone going from day ONE and the chips will fall into the Grey Cup.