Which QB should lead the Ticats this year?

Vote early and vote often. :o :-\ 8) :stuck_out_tongue: :wink:

(and if you dont have a sense of humor please do not pay any attention to this thread or poll!!!)

You're lagging behind in the poll a bit, Bob, but you're still in the running!

You know TiCats football is coming soon when Caretaker starts getting all giddy! :wink:
It is a great time of the year

Hooray,hooray it's the month of May
TiCats football is on it's way!!

Love it.....you got my vote!?

based on the poll comments, I thought Vernon would have at least one vote :slight_smile:

So I see 3 votes so far for little Johnny . So i'm going to go out on a limb here and hazard a wild guess that Seafiddle , DJRobertson and 150Gage have all cast their votes . ::slight_smile:

Since you're now well in 2nd place, can you please tell us how far you can throw a football, Bob? I hope at least 10 yards :slight_smile:

"rediculously"? But Johnny M and his Tiger-Cat situation certainly falls into the "ridiculous" category.... no matter how it is spelled.
Go Caretaker!!!! ;D

Zach... :wink:

What's the point of owning a pro football team if you can't have yourself declared as starting quarterback?

I second this Vote!(OH,Wait We traded Him) Better Luck Next Year.

how about going with the best Canadian you can find.

This makes it 3 for Zach!

My opinion the best performing Qb coming out of camp and the best QB week in and week out that gives us the best chance to win ! Thatโ€™s obviously up to Jones but what a nice luxury to have if Johnny pushes Masoli!

Hi Bob,

Since you wrote this poll when you obviously knew the Manziel deal was done (or about to be done) I can see the fun you were having. As I've said to others, enjoy. You clearly have the right to do so.

I won't vote, however. The whole process - starting from last year - has made me sad.

We each have our own lenses.

All the best,

I wonder if this poll result sends any kind of message to management? >:(

Put you progressive lenses on and just go with it. If Johnny is terrible he wonโ€™t make the team if he is good then enjoy watching.

Bwahaha yes because all professional football teams base their football decisions on a fan poll.

Ummm..... since it's the PERSON ABOVE MANAGEMENT who made the poll, they just might. :wink:

What ever QB June Jones starts that gives us the best chance to win each week !
If itโ€™s Masoli great or if itโ€™s Manziel great or both whatever it takes!