Which QB is your team most worried about playing against????


Honestly, which QB do you worry the most about your team playing against??

I hate to admit it but Wicky Way is the one for me. Underachieving offence this year but his coolness and arm makes him the most feared in my opinion.
What do others think on this question?

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Im going to make you happy. Dont pee your



Dam it Eskylo you beat me to it! :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

as an argo fan, I don't worry to much about opposing offences

Dickenson, when he's on his game.

I'am taking Dickenson too. When he plays like he did in the west final he's dangerous.

It was always Dickenson for me too. When playing BC, I was just hoping to be able to brag about keeping Dickenson from scoring 100.

Hate to admit it…Ricky Ray.

Jason Maas :lol: :lol:

Right now... definitely Dave Dickenson but very soon it will be Timmy Chang....

Damn. I was going to pick Ricky Ray, but he plays for my team. :lol:

I guess I'd say Joseph...

Ricky Ray…

Undoubtly, he is the best Quarterback in the CFL today.

You forgot to add, When he is healthy! :wink:

Ricky Ray, When he has time to find receivers.....

Ricky Ray with his arm
Kerry Joseph with his running ability
Dave Dickenson with his intelligence