Which QB is gonna go from the ESKS??

I think Maas is going to be traded to Ottawa this year. Just my thoughts...

I think they shuold keep Maas and trade Jones.

Jones has lots of experience under pressure. And , well, we've all seen Maas under pressure. He can't handle it and proved that over and over last season. Skelator (higgens) had a lot to do with his lack of confidence but it all has to rest on his shoulders. Jones and Ray call their own plays which will streamline macocias job. Ray will take the ESKS to the cup again this year.

Skelator? That is hilarious! Yes I can see the resemblence. I'm not convinced that Maas can't handle the pressure, but I understand why fans are thinking that. This is a tough town to play in that way, you need to deliver. I still think that injuries had a lot more to do with Maas difficulties at times last year than his nerves.

For sure I don't think there will be any takers for Maas until he has been given a 100% clean bill of health and has shown that he can throw like the Jason of old. After that, who knows for sure. Maybe not even Maciocia and Campbell yet.

I would agree that either Jones or Maas will be gone by the end of the season for sure. I for one am not sold on Jones. If he really was the goods, why is not still in Winnepeg? Anyway, the future must also be preserved and room needs to be made for Jason Johnson until such time as he proves he can or can't do the job. My question is this. How the heck are they going to find him playing time so they can evaluate him under fire?

Jones will be traded, Maas will heal, Johnson will B/U Ray.

Jones will be traded, Maas will heal, Johnson will B/U Ray.

Hi supertoe,
You mentioned that injuries probably had a lot to do with any of Maas problems last year. This could be right, but couldn't the same be said for Jones. Apparently he tried to play through his injuries but now regrets that. However, I agree with the rest of your post. I think an additional knock on Jones is his age. I think it is 34.

Maas will be traded to a team that can make him their backup while they wait for him to heal. Hamilton? :slight_smile:

Ray and Maas will stay, (They have mutaul admiration for each other...I'm told) Nealon will get injured and Khari will get traded to Saskatchewan.

Wouldn't THAT make Labour Day interesting :wink:

I think that Maas is a great QB and could lead the Eskimos to great things if, and that's a big if, he could stay healthy. But on the same note I don't think that it makes much sense to have a 400k a year benchwarmer. So for Maas sake, as much as I like the guy and think he is a quality QB in this league, I feel he should be traded, unless a 2 QB system could be implemented but that doesn't realy ever work for long does it.

Nope, not even Russ Jackson and Ron Lancaster could make it work.

Mutual admiration for each other is one thing, but it is not good for Maas, the Eskimos, or the league to have a "400k a year benchwarmer" in Edmonton. One of them is going somewhere; if not this year then next.

Maybe Jyles should go. LaFors isn't half bad.

Maybe Jyles should go. LaFors isn't half bad.
Sammyi- Are you in a time warp or something? Threads from 2 years ago????

Hello? Jyles and LaFors weren't even on the Esks in 2005. They play on them now in 2007. What are you talking about?

Hello? This thread was regarding the Qb's that WERE IN EDMONTON in 2005, not 2007..lol how much time do people have to go back over 2 years to find a thread that means nothing today since Maas is long gone and Jones is retired... :?

I think they should cut Lemmerman, and that Wilkinson should retire.
No doubt in my mind that with more playing time, that Moon kid might be a good one....

I say they start Dunigan and have either Ham or Archer come off the bench.

What a great Grey Cup last year... did you see the pass from Clements to Gabriel?? Spectacular. :slight_smile: