Which qb in expansion draft?

I think the only team showing any gain from the "pillage" is winnipeg.

Saskatchewan's offence has benefited somewhat from the additions of Joseph, and Armstead. Imagine them again with Crandell as the starter this year, and no "go to" receiver.

4th place is 4th place. At least they would still have holmes.

I'd take Brad Banks over any of these guys, lots more potential. Especially if Tillman becomes GM here - i think they would take him.

Yes, give us back Brad Banks and as many ex-Renegades as possible. I also want Joseph, Korey Banks and Armstead back. I curse Saskatchewan and Hamilton. They were raiding Ottawa before they folded. I hope they continue to have horrible seasons. Tillman should be GM and Vice-president. As Vice-president, only the owner could fire him, not some idiot bean counter. Please DO NOT BRING BACK PHIL KERSHAW. He's like the grim reaper for Ottawa football. Drop the 16 million dollar demand. How can the CFL expect to have anyone fork over that much and get nothing in return ? :expressionless:

ORR wrote:

...Hamilton. They were raiding Ottawa before they folded. I hope they continue to have horrible seasons
Now I know I want a team back in Ottawa so we, the Cats, can kill them! YES, I VERY MUCH WANT A TEAM BACK IN OTTAWA!!!!!

I think Buck Pierce could be the man... the other QB im curious about is Rocky Butler in SSK...he's looked not too bad when we see him every now and then in preseason...maybe the #2 guy...

I've also thought about sopme other players I'd be interested in that are not starting right now and could be left unprotected...

S Wes Lysack (CGY)
HB Joey Boese (former CGY)
HB Donald Brady (former EDM)
MLB Jeremiah Garrison (former MTL)
LB Khalid Abdullah (CGY)
FB or SB Dietan Dubuc (EDM)
RB Jeff Johnson (TOR)
SB Kwame Cavil (HAM)
P/K Rob Pikula (BC)

[quote="Ottawa_Rough_Riders"]Except for Buck Pierce all these QB's are garbage. [quote]

Eakin, garbage? Obviously you didn't watch him pick your team apart last year for 400 yards and 3 t.d's, and that was after only being in Hamilton for 2 weeks.

Didn't work well? They worked together for 4 weeks. I can see if you said Mcmanus/Brady, but don't drag Eakin through the mud.

I want Brad Banks back.

Don't remember that game but I miss Ottawa playing Hamilton. The Ticats were one team that we could really guarantee a win against.

I would go after Banks - get him back.

Not to take anything away from Eakin', Ottawa were very poorly coached by Poapoa last year and at that point the team was upside down with the Glieberman circus and all their B.S. So, I would not consider him a starter for Ottawa at any time. Maybe a 3rd stringer and that's it. where is he right now, 3rd string with Hamilton ? Until he's a starter,he shouldn't be considered to be one with Ottawa. Ottawa is going to need real starters right off the bat. Not cast-offs and hand-me-downs that the other teams don't want. Give us back our real starters or the equivalent like the ones we had raided from us. For a change, the other teams are going to have to give up real talent to Ottawa for a new team to succeed. If they don't, Ottawa will be a losing team for the next 3 years again and the whole cycle will start over. whether the rest of you want to admit it or not, this is the reality.

You don't know what your talking about, Eakin won a world bowl with Frankfort, was ahead of Ricky Ray on the Jets depth chart, is the backup in Hamilton, and outperformed Maas in the preseason, and has had high praise from former NFL q.b's, like Phil Simms, also Pinball has said he could be the best q.b in this league very soon. Who else would you want? Your not going to get an allstar q.b, who's going to want to go to an expansion team.

Pierce has shown promise too.

As to an all-star wanting to go, it's bit moot. No club would expose their number 1 in a draft. Now if someone like AC wanted to traded there, that is different story.

He or DD or whoever might see it as a challenge --- maybe the club would open their vault for him.

Face there isn't a plethora of good QBs in CFL now. A lot of the middle of the road types endlessly praised as having so much potential but who have been busts,

From last years performance and strictly from a PR point of view, I would pick Brad Banks to return to the Gades/Steelback. He has all kinds of up side but apperently has not looked good this year in the pre season and is far down the BB depth chart as third string.

He is one of those touted as having so much potential but can't show it consistently.

No, YOU don’t know what I’M talking about. He hasn’t proven himself in the CFL yet. One game in the CFL does not make a career and doesn’t prove anything. According to your logic, he should be starting ahead of Maas, right ? Either way, if you were the owner of an expansion team that cost you 16 million dollars, wouldn’t you expect a proven QB, for that amount of money ? Of course you would. :roll:

What are you talking about? The q.b position is the strongest it's ever been. Every starting q.b in this league has proven himself, name one that hasn't.

As for an a quality q.b like Dickenson wanting to go to Ottawa, forget it. He didn't want the job when they weren't an expansion team, he wouldn't want it now. Every q.b knows they can only be as good as the talent around them.

Strongest it's ever been? I don't think so.

My comment anyway was about the total number of CFL QBs.

As for who hasn't proved himself -- consistently and over a long term --- Joseph, Burris, Glenn.

Go to Number Twos or 2As--- Wynn, Banks, Greene, Crandell, Pierce, Eakin, Johnson, Brady

As for the Number 3s --- never mind.

I would disagree with that in that Crandell and Greene have proven themselves to be excellent #2 QB’s and will now pretty much stay that way til they retire… unless Ottawa wants to give one of them another shot next year…
Actually, that might not be a horrible option. Certainly they arent gonna be the amazing consistent franchise QB, but I think either one could do well enough to get a new team on its feet, and gain some respectability for the team.