Which qb in expansion draft?

If there were an expansion draft for an expansion ottawa team at the end of this season, and assuming all teams protect their starting qb. Which quarterback would you choose?

Eaken or Wynn if he plays like he did in the second half against BC or against Hamilton

I think Buck Pierce but I would be suprised if the renegades came back into the league.

Buck, but I think Lions would keep him over Jackson.

based on his performance today, wynn

Eakin or Wynn would be the best bets IMO. Or if they wanted to go with a veteran and experience, McManus.

I think they'd be better of going young, they'd have a decent running game thanks to Holmes or Ranek

I don't think any of those players will be in the draft as they're not third stringers, but I'd go with Eakin, he has major upside. Maybe they'll sign him as f.a.

You need a veteran QB to establish the team.
You don't need a repeat of Dan Crowley.

While it would be fine to draft some young QB's with potential, you need the vet to start with.

QB's to consider (assuming team's can protect only 1):

  1. As stated, Khari Jones.
    He's not all that old, experienced, in good shape, and a free agent not costing an expansion draft pick. (Hey, he won't play any less than alot of the QB's this year).
  2. Nealon Greene - Montreal.
    Was a decent QB before the Riders wrecked him by bringing back Burris as the starter.
    History - Greene lost to Edmonton in the Western Final.
    Burris lost to BC in the Western Final.
    Downside - injury prone.
  3. Marcus Crandell - Saskatchewan / Danny McManus - Calgary.
    Either is a very distant 3rd choice.


  1. Jarious Jackson - BC
  2. Spergon Wynn - Toronto
  3. Mike Quinn - Winnipeg
  4. Buck Pierce - BC
  5. Jason Johnson - Edmonton
  6. Kevin Eakin - Hamilton
    Those are my top 6, put them in any order you want.

Food for thought... what if Casey Printers doesn't make the NFL or gets tired of clipboard duty?

Except for Buck Pierce all these QB's are garbage. You guys have to give your head a shake. The CFL is going to have to expose a lot better players to Ottawa in an expansion draft than this to make sure that Ottawa is competitive right out of the gate. How do you expect a new owner to put out 6 million plus a 10 million bond and give him 3rd stringers to choose from ? The CFL did this the first time around and that's how we ended up in this mess in Ottawa again. They gave Ottawa crap to choose from. Don't repeat this B.S. The fans won't have any patience for any crap this time around again. How about giving them back the players they lost in the dispersal draft ? The other CFL governors are too cuthroat to allow this to happen.

Those are all 2nd string qbs. And IMO some of them could/should be starting in this league. Take a look at the other thread I posted in this forum, the new ottawa team will obviously be strong out of the gate, with expansion draft rules favouring the franchise team.

But there is absolutely no way the CFL will allow Ottawa to start picking off 1st string qbs from other teams, if that's what you're thinking.

Giving back players from the expansion draft won't happen, as those players are now under contract with new teams, but I wouldn't really care if it did happen(see ya later, woodcock).

Having Mcmanus/Eakin, Crandel/Wynn, or Greene/Pierce (or variations of these), would all be very respectable 1-2 punches at qb for an expansion team. I don't know what more you could ask for.

How many teams has Jones been cut from in last two years?

He is not in good shape — he is done.

Having Mcmanus/Eakin, Crandel/Wynn, or Greene/Pierce (or variations of these), would all be [i]very[/i] respectable 1-2 punches at qb for an expansion team. I don't know what more you could ask for.[/b]
These guys are all 3rd stringers, I don't care what you say, except for Pierce. Jones is finished, Nealon Greene is a 3rd string in Montreal. Like I said, the CFL's going to have to be a little more charitable to make it work in Ottawa, or else it will fail. The cutthroat teams are going to have to expose good players. I'm not saying they should be picking only 1st string players, but the other 8 will have to expose some 1st stringers to make Ottawa work properly or the CFL can forget it.

I hear Ron Lancaster is thinking of a comeback. Anyone? Anyone?

He can't do much worse than the names mentioned here so far.

McManus/Eakin didn’t work very well in Hamilton last year.
If you don’t like Jones, I think Greene/Wynn is the best you’re going to do with existing QB’s.
There is no way the CFL is going to let Ottawa cherry pick a starter off someone’s roster.
You have to leave room for the possibility of a QB from the US that nobody is considering right now, or a trade with another team involving a starter.

And the rest of the league didn't cherry pick ALL of Ottawa's player's ? They were licking their chops in anticipation of getting Ottawa's players. If you ask me they voted to fold the Renegades because the other teams wanted their players. Now you guys are saying Ottawa should be in the basement before their own players develop because no one is gonna give up anything to help them ? Where is Ottawa's compensation for the loss of players ? You guys are greedy.

The Eskimos only got woodcock from the draft. And he's done terrible so far this year IMO.

The expansion team will be given a better chance to succeed right off the bat, but don't expect to steal anyone's starting qb.

no no, you got it all wrong. The way it is see, is that the BOG dont like you personally. They vote to fold the team just to spite you. They said " this ottawa rough rider person must suffer". It was all a conspiracy to make your life miserable.

Did it work?? :twisted:

HARDEEHARHAR!!! GEEZ I wonder where Hamilton’s gonna get their players now that Ottawa is gone ?

Hopefully for hamilton, someplace better :lol:

Same goes for Sask, heh heh