which QB gets pink slip?

Which QB do you think get the boot?

I don't know who i want out but i'd have to say we gotta keep the project (randall) and Lefors is kelly's boy so i'd have to say Willams would be most likely to see the door.

Willams for Bruce maybe, TO needs a back-up

maybe add Willams or Bates to dump some salary and T.O can throw 1 of our draft picks back to us

We might not see anyone released as we have room on the roster for all of them. But if someone were to go, I suspect it would be Williams as well.

Randall is what I think. Taman picked him and showed the least production against t.o. Williams was brought in by Kelly and company. Bruce will get released just give it time.

I suspect Randall as well, for the reasons bluecrue mentioned.

I think we should pull a Saskatchewan and put one QB on the injured list. Salary won't count against the SMS. And that should probably be the Randall. Still think he has some upside, good arm, good feet, but is only in his 2nd year and his 2nd CFL coaching staff. He needs to learn the game more and settle in. Obviously that will best come with playing time, but watching for a year won't hurt him. Williams is same birth year I think but has more years in the CFL and if more comfortable with the game. Then let the duke it out in training camp next year.

I think it's time to KILL the Randall Project. Berry gave him a couple shots, and he had his shining chance to prove to his coach and everyone he SHOULD be the #1 guy.....annnd he completed LESS than Lefors and threw a pick on his first or second throw...he's gotta go. I really think the only reason Randall stuck around and Dinwiddie left is because Dinwiddie was too much like Lefors in terms of QB style, and Kelly (like Wally does in BC) wanted to have opposing styles in his #1 and #2 QB's.

Williams stays and Lefors stays.

Randall has had a chance??? Wow!!! He has not had have 1/10 the chance that Lefores had. I cant beleive that people are saying Randall should go. Dinwiddie, Williams, Lefores, Bishop all had a chance to start in the CFL. Randall has had zero. That's right ZERO starts. He should be at least given a chance to start a couple of games before being ran out of town. Give him a chance to start. If he plays bad let him learn from it and see if there is an improvement from week to week. So at least two or three starts.

He's gotten playing time and all he's done is throw the ball into triple coverage for picks or miss open receivers by far more than LeFors has ever missed them.. oh, and run around a bit

Give Lefors one more shot against the Argos and if he still can't figure things out, he should be released. Things won't get any better against MTL. or CGY , who have finally realized the season has started. He should have a idea of what the Argos are doing on defence. I

I doubt that happens because I think Kelly still believes in Lefors. If he does it is beneficial for him to put someone else to prove to the fans that it is not the QB. He’s already hinted at that by calling out Bates and Khan fand benching Bryant.

Sorry, but Randall got his chance? He has not had a single start as the #1 QB. If that's your reasoning, why would u then even keep Williams or LeFors? They've had starts in this league. Who in their right mind can justify keeping what LeFors has done this year over what Randall has done in limited reps. When Randall has had first team reps for a whole week of practice, and started and played the bulk of a game instead of coming in cold when the offence if fluttering, and he still struggles, then come back and tell me he had his chance and i'll agree with you.

That's true, I felt Kelly's comments last night and after the game that all 3 had a shot as very dishonest. How can you claim that Williams in particular's had a fair shot when he's 3rd string and has taken to reps with the offense in weeks. Very dishonest and proves the bias he is showing trying to prove to the world well the CFL world that Lefors is he right guy. I think being wrong is more painful to him than the fact that Lefors s u c k s azzz.