which QB do you want to start the season for us?

Personally, I'm sick and tired of the "experienced" "old guard" (i.e. Maas and Butler) and want to see the exciting "gunslinger" (i.e. Timmy Chang) light it up with some good old fashioned "Hawaiian Punch." How about you?

Jason Mass He give best Chance to win out of the gate.

why isn't Williams on here..rather have him start than Butler

The one Taaffe chooses.

You're welcome.

Oski Wee Wee,

agreed :slight_smile:

Maas had only 8 TD's last year. Timmy used to do that in 2 games back at Hawaii. Have to go with the gunsliger. But then again I've been watching Timmy for a long time.

Timmy is Very Talented
But he dose not have the CFL Experience yet to start a Season.

If The Coaches think he should Start I’d Welcome it .
More Likely He said Behind Maas and Butler
Maybe 1 or 2 Seasons.
Then Maybe He be ready to be our Starter.
Any Sooner is Gravy…

Maas will start the season... Chang will finish it.

im gunna have to agree with his theory above ^^

Chang ain't seen nothin' yet.

Remember one preseason means very little.

The teams are disguiisng both offensive and defensive schemes while they evaluate personnel.

No way is Chang ready.

Maas to start. It's his job to lose. Right now, Butler number 2.

This is not last year. This is not Hawaii either. For those reasons alone, Maas starts unless injured. If Maas is injured that Butler will start. Chang will spend at least the first 8 games holding the clip board and learning the CFL defenses from the sidelines. If Maas or Butler are not getting it done by 8 games in then maybe we see Chang start. IMO if we have to start Chang this year then we are in trouble at the QB spot. I would really rather he took his time learning the CFL defenses rather than the baptism-by-fire route that has ruined so many promising QB's in Steeltown.


I'd love to see Chang start but I'm sure it'll be Maas. I'm hoping Maas is on a short rope though. If he can't get the team moving and put some points up, I hope Chang gets his shot. Remember, Chang isn't coming straight from college to the CFL. He's played some in NFL Europe.

An Argo-Cat fan

Where's the option for "I don't care as long as we win"?

Timmy had great Game last Week.
No Doubt about that but it's was vs a Vanilla Defence.

Timmy Rocky and Jason will see what real CFL Defence are The next 2 Weeks.

Then we Realy get the Chatter Going on here :lol:

No disrespect to Maas, but Chang's better. He reads better, he runs better, throws better, knows when to eat the ball and doesn't force it. And he's from a University known for it's production of great quarterbacks. I'd sooner take up a collection from the fans to buy out Maas's contract than to start him over a guy who's clearly demonstrated his superiority. The only reason Maas starts is because of the numbers game. If Maas is worth $400thousand how much is Chang worth? Chang needs to be the starter and Maas should take a backup roll or cya later.

We'll see when the REAL bullets start.

One preseason game that was excellent for Chang is a good start. But if ONE BIG DEBUT = STARDOM, then we'd be heading off to the Freakin' Eakin Temple now, eh?

Chang stank up the joint at the Black and Gold Scrimmage -- heck, the entire offense was subpar. By the quick trigger-finger mentality, one would have cut him on the spot. Doesn't work that way....

A half-plus of the Bombers' starters next game will be a sterner test whoever gets the reps on Friday. Defences will not be so vanilla. More Barrin Simpson will not be a joyous thing for the Cats...LOL

Chang has promise, no question about that. We shall see how the QB saga develops. One thing IS clear: Timmy is in the mix and Maas's leash is going to be shorter this year.

Oski Wee Wee,

There is no comparison between Chang and Eakin. It wasn't just the result of the game that flatters Chang. It is his decision making abilities while on the run. From all I've seen of Maas, was that his insticts would more often than not, lead to an interception or incompletion. A bad decision of some kind. Make no mistake. Chang will force the club to have to make their own decison on Maas. There's no doubt he's (Chang) the better of the two.

[url=http://www.canada.com/nationalpost/news/sports/sportsmonday/story.html?id=df0525f2-ade2-4876-ab19-4e3d59487dc1]http://www.canada.com/nationalpost/news ... 3d59487dc1[/url]



Wait for Friday's game.

What Marcel and Charlie state in that article is the ongoing assumption I've been going on since day one of camp: it's Jason's job to lose and he CAN lose it.

Oski Wee Wee,

BINGO! :thup: