Which Potential CFL Expansion City Would Be Best To Live In?

Okay.... so the CFL expands. Which city would be the best potential expansion site to live in?

Oh.... I'm going to hate myself for this thread. But I just couldn't resist.... :slight_smile:

Moose Jaw.. :lol:


Go Tuktyuktuktuktyuks!!

What, no other takers? I must be slipping!

If you are bilingual QC if not Halifax.

London, Ontario hands down.

I agree with Roar! London's the greatest, I'm moving there in a week and a half!

I lived in London for 4 years going to UWO. It is a kickass city that deserves a CFL team in my opinion.

...Ottawa's nice...

For what?

Victoria BC or Quebec City are the nicest cities in Canada without CFL teams.


For sure not halifax, maybe ottawa for the 5 time,never victoria bc, maybe london/windsor, how about a cfl team in hamilton, no would'nt work. Best bet, with a great chance of success is KELOWNA bc Now a name for them? Fire storm?

There has to be another team in SW Ontario, either London or K-W


I've lived in London and Ottawa. I still think London's a nicer city.

Ah nothing is finer then the Queen City. Right in the heart of Whine Country!

I had no idea someone picked it up and dropped it out on the West coast! :wink:

Bring on the rain!