Which poster would you like to meet?

O.K. this forum needs aboost.
If you could meet one poster on this forum.Who would it be?and why?
My pick would be Turkeybend.
Funny guy.Doesn't know anyhting about football.Yet , he still thinks his team is going to win the cup.

I like to everyone but Staik the Sanke, he blow it for me!

but the #1 guy I'd like to meet would be Thrid and Ten, why?, he is the frist guy I had an agurement with on the forum.

then I'd like to meet


aw fuck it, I'd like to meet all of yall!

I forgot about Turd,
Yeah Turd and I go way back.
Ask him about the extra point in the end zone.He couldn't win all the aguements.O.K. didn't win that arguement.He kind of grows on you.

I heard a rumour Turkeybend is secretly Pamela Anderson.

…Pamela Wallen is more like it…

......I am meeting Third at the Oct. 14th game here in Calgary!.....seriously......and I am going to celebrate with a time honoured tradition by presenting him with a white CAPE, symbolic of our western heritage.....

He’ll look mighty fine in that cape, I’ll bet. What about the
red long underwear,white cowboy hat and red zorro mask??

You guys can go up to section O and have a no handed beer chug
with our good bud Satik.

Nah, I keep hearing reports he looks more like the late Ed Whalen. Hence why he now posts "in the mean time and in between time"

if its ed whalen that would be a "ring-a-ding dong dandy"

Nah, you still have him confused with Pamela Anderson. :lol:

I bet turkey looks like pee wee herman trench coat and all!

Fixed it!


I bet turkey looks like pee wee heramn trench coat and all!
insert suggestive joke about bender calling a certain body part "Little Tom" here

Didn't Pee Wee's career go down the toilet after her was caught cracking up (or jacking or beating off, whatever you prefer to call it) in a prono theater?

[quote author="mongo118_1_5"]

insert suggestive joke about bender calling a certain body part "Little Tom" here

Little Tom, thats a good one, and thats half the fun of not knowing, cause you can visualize them just the way you like, better off not knowing I say.

Doesn't anyone want to meet me ? :frowning:

Fine, I want to see yor Tvor, where are you? We will meet in 2010.

Regina SK. Maybe someday we can partake in a labour day game, mind you we would be cheering for different teams. go Riders

I'm surprised that, after having my stunningly accurate pic posted on the "Message to all posters" thread, no one wants to meet me. . .thought I'd be getting tonnes of offers over that one. . . :smiley:

That is exactly how I want to visualize you as jm02.......and you folks can picture me as Boss Hog, ohhh those Duke Boys, or Chief Wiggins, saddle up boys, or whatever else comes to mind...

I want to most meet RoarLionsRoar.