Which players might the Lions lose next year?

I hope the Lions are able to keep all of the players that won the Grey Cup this year guys! Some are getting a little older but still have tremendous talent and athleticism. Some have not yet peaked [eg: Lulay, Gore, Foster and others]. Others bring a real spark to the team [Bruce, Brown, Mitchell]. Others add that maturity [Simon, Paris Jackson, Jarious Jackson]. We have the makings of a sensational team for next year!

I'd hate to lose any of them, but especially Bruce, Gore, Brown and Harris. Are there any players hoping to try and jump to the NFL? Any retiring? Any that might be used for trading leverage?

Beagle do you know what Lions are potential free agents this year?

I think one of the unsung heroes of the Lions' turnaround this season was Tad Kornegay. He really solidified that secondary once he arrived, and I thought he played a whale of a game on Sunday.

I thought, going in, that BC and Winnipeg had the best tandems of DHBs in the CFL. . .Kornegay and Banks for BC, Suber and Hefney for Winnipeg. I thought both Banks and Hefney struggled a bit (Hefney most obviously on Johnson's TD, but at least he fessed up afterwards and admitted to blowing the coverage on that one; Banks lost Edwards a couple of times), but Kornegay and Suber were rock solid.

The Lions have at least eight. I say at least because I have also heard 12.

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To answer the OP's question, it is expected that Jovan Olafioye and Khalif Mitchell will give the NFL a try. Paris Jackson isn't expected back due to his diminished role, but 1130Sports says otherwise. Jarious may not be back since Lulay's salary is going to take up quite a bit of cap space and Reilly is looking good. In my own opinion, it would be hard to see Angus Reid retiring after coming off an all-star season.

I know that Lulay, Bruce,and Simons are sign thru 2012.

Don't be surprised if Elimimian gets NFL looks as well. Olafioye is almost assured to be given an NFL opportunity and Khalif Mitchelll will also likely be set down there.

It seems inevitable that Olafioye, Mitchell, and Elimimian will be NFL bound in 2012, maybe sooner. They are all young enough and good enough get a serious look in the NFL. Maybe Ben Archibald as well. You can't blame these guys for trying to maximize their earnings while they're still healthy enough to play.

But that doesn't mean they'll make NFL rosters. In our league they are stars, but down south they're just good prospects who used to play on a championship team in Canada. I don't think Elimimian is big enough to be an NFL middle linebacker. Maybe he might catch on somewhere as a free safety, doing the sort of job that Troy Palamalu does. I wish all of them luck and thanks them for helping to bring us the Gery Cup. I predict that at least one or two of them will get cut next year and come looking for a job up here. there's a lesson in that: just because you're good with one team doesn't mean you can duplicate that with another bunch of guys around you. For example, Ricky Foley went to the Argonauts and was pretty average for them this year. he would have been better off staying with BC where he was a very effective pass rusher.

There may be others not returning in 2012. Jamal Robertson and Ryan Thelwell just retired. Angus Reid, Paris Jackson, Jarius Jackson, Brent Johnson for sure. Maybe Buono resigns as head coach. Though J.R. Larose played well at times I'd like to see better play from our safety next year.

It appears the Riders may have asked BC for permission to speak with Mike Benevides, a possible replacement for Ken Miller. It was a big surprise to me that Marcel Bellefeuille got gassed today, so the Tiger Cats are now also in the market for a head coach. Given the Argos disastrous season it appears Montreal offensive coordinator Scott Milanovich will soon be named by Jim Barker as the new Argos head coach. And Winnipeg fired offensive coordinator Jamie Barresi yesterday, no surprise after the Bombers offence had the highest number of "two and outs" in the 2011 season. How they could do that and still be first in the East is anybody's guess. Mayre it has something to do with playing a brutally inadequate Argos team three or four times a year.

I agree with beaglehound that the Lions need to keep as many of the 2011 Lions for next year as possible. It looks like we've got a lot of work to do, to get next year's offensive and defensive lines anywhere as good as they were this year. Lots of work for Roy Shivers in the off season.

Finally, congrats to all the BC Lions players, coaches and executives for a tremendous turnaround of their season and for a spirited Grey Cup win. Now if only Kapp and Mosca would act like adults...

Dooger in Surrey :cowboy:

Dy-na-sty! Dy-na-sty! Dy-na-sty! Lulay is just gettin started lol.

There are answers to players who do depart. It's inevitable that this was Paris Jackson's last year on the team with the amount of play time he got, as well as the overhaul of young recievers that can/will produce (Johnson, Iannuzzi, Foster, Gore), but if Buono still thinks he needs a depth reciever who can play specials, then maybe Eric Delauries from Montreal might be worth a signing. Hes cheap, played specials in Mon, and filled in recieving a little bit. A total shot in the dark is maybe we bring back Dobson Collins for a PS player. If they can fix his hands and attitude, hes got speed. All these other PS recievers on our F/A list I havent really seen, so I have no comment on them. If Angus Reid stays another year (which he should after the year he had) then theres no way he would sign with any one else. Edmonton is also probably going to let Calvin McCarty go after they resigned Charles, we could make a move on him to replace Robertson and give Harris a backup. If we have the cap room, and are feeling bold, Joffrey Reynolds needs a new team :wink:

If Elimimian departs for NFL, then I have no worries with Yurichuk replacing him, giving us the cap room to sign Anton McKenzie to an extension. If Elimimian does come back, then Yurichuk can start outside and let McKenzie go. Yurichuk did a decent job in Elimimians place when he went down. Mitchell is hard to replace with Eric Taylor, but Taylor isnt the worst option, I think the lions would make a move here for some more depth, as all 3 DTs went down with injuries this year. I also believe that Aaron Hunt is a must resign. If Brent Johnson retires, we need to get younger at DE. Williams is going to be a great end for years, but both Johnson and Smith arent getting any younger, so that might be targeted in FA or the draft. If Ryan Phillips leaves, we can either hope that Toronto lets Byron Parker go and we make a swing for him. A reigning champion team offer would water his mouth after his time in Toronto. Benevides is also high on Rafael Priest, if he progresses enough this offseason, maybe he could see some time? Dante Marsh is also set to be an F/A, I wouldnt worry about that one either, either Phillips or Marsh is coming back, or both, not neither.

McCallum will be resigned. He will be.

Bare minimum, Mitchell, Elimimian and Olafioye will be changing area codes next year and cashing WAY bigger pay cheques in the No Fun League. that doewn't mean they'll stick with the NFL clubs, however, so look for at least one or two to come crawling back looking for a job about the middle of August. I don't see anyone else going anywhere. Jim Yurichuck has paid his dues sand didn't look out of place when Elimimian was injured in the middle of last season. he should be decent at Mike linebacker. The only guy I'd consider replacing on the defence is J.R. Larose, who stil looks a bit confused at times and is a bit too injury prone. Willie Pyle is a free agent worth looking at, but would be expensive. We need to get as many of our defensive starters re-signed as soon as possible.

Offensively, I don't see Paris Jackson returning except as a kick cover guy. I think 11 of our offensive starters will likely be back next year. There are quite a number of Canadian free agent offensive linemen available with experience to fill Olafioye's spot. Or the team might give hennessey a look at right tackle. With robertson retiring recently we'llneed a third back to supplement Harris and Lee.

Losing starters on O and D will ripple down to the special teams. So we need to keep finding great taclers with a lot of grit and seriously consider findiong a returner who cn break long returns more often than Tim Brown. Will next year be the year when Paul McCallum loses his job to a younger guy?

And we are yet to hear who will replace Wally as head coach. my money is, on Mike Benevides, which will require either him to do both jobs or Wally will need to find a suitable replacement. If the latter is true, do we really want to change our defensive system after we just won the Cup?

Merry Christmas, Lions fans! We'll see y at the Dome next July.

Dooger in Surrey :cowboy:

I'm surprised everybody keeps assuming Paris Jackson won't be back. If you mean back at his same salary then you are correct; however it would raise my eyebrow if he wasn't on the team next year.

Look how long Brett Anderson stuck around part-time with the Lions. Jackson, as another Vancouverite, may just do the same.

He's a good dressing room guy, his willingness to play special teams is a plus, and as a backup non-import receiver the Lions could do much worse.

I would imagine Paris is back at a much lower price tag for at least one more season.

Jackson knows he can command much higher dollar than the Lions are going to offer at this point, and can definately start for any other team, so why waste his time here? He voiced his frustrations at not having a catch halfway through the year despite him actually being pretty professional about it. Later on in the year he did ok with the time given to him, so its obvious he's still got it. It's in his own best interest to start somewhere else and make more money than to stay a special teamer here.

Jackson already took a cut in pay to stay with the Lions this past year. If he sticks with Lions he could easily get cut in training camp if our already decent crop of N-I receivers continues to improve. He'd be better off looking elsewhere or retire.