which players are worth keeping for next year ? please list

  1. I think we need new recivers as there is nor one that can contribute . It is best to keep Baumann and develop him . Curry and Waler seem to have potential so I woudl give them the rest of this year as a tryout .

  2. Moreno is keep at MLB as is Armour at OLB

  3. Cody is the only Defensive back worth keeping maybe Anderson and Tilly
    4 . Keith looks like he maybe a good one for the D-line as well as Mckay . Bekasiuk , Reid , and Wayne are good canadians.
    5 .Oline --- I think Hage , Marceux, Dyakowski are all good young Canadian lineman worth keeping
    6 .LOOKS like Cauley maybe a good one and maybe good trade bait for a reciever . i would keep him as insurance fro a Lumsden or play him with Lumsden . not sure if we need a fullback in the CFL anymore . I think we should trade Radlein if we are not going to use him.

  4. we should look for a candain kicker as we are not good enough to use an import spot at kicker and fullback too



QB - Printers, Williams, Chang
Oline - Everyone but Davis and get some competition for Woodard
RBs - Lumsden, Cauley, Dickerson, Piercy... Release Davis and trade Radlien
WR/SB - Bauman, Ralph, Walker, Armstead, Curry... Not in that order and bring in some new faces and try and find that elite #1 we've lacked for years.


Dline - Keith, McKay, Reid, Dunbrak(sp), Bekesiak for depth.
LBs - MORENO (can't stress this enough), Armour, Loften looked good, but another clutch LB wouldn't hurt.
DBs - Cody, Anderson, Tiller, Beveridge... the rest just fill out the roster and can be replaced. We need a bigtime DB

K - Setta is clutch and well worth the import.

-all 3 QB’s

-all RB’s except Davis (cut) and Radelien (trade)

-Ralph, Armstead, Bauman

-all O-Linemen, plus our first pick in next year’s draft (who will be an O-Lineman)


-McKay, Keith, Reid, Bekasiak
-Armour, Moreno
-Cody, Anderson, Gordon

Players we should keep:

O-line: Peter Dyakowski, Cedric Gagne-Marcoux,(dont no enough about this cavka guy yet)

Running Back: Jesse Lumsden, Terry Caulley

Full back: Kori Dickerson, Jeff piercy (trade Radlein)

Quarter back: Casey Printers, Richie Williams, Timmy Chang

Reciever: Chris Bauman, Jason French (we really need to get some good recievers)

D-Line: Nautyn Mckay Loescher, Charlton Keith, J.P Bekasiak, Jermaine Reid

Linebackers: Zeke Moreno, JoJuan Armour, Kenny Lofton (he showed promise), Ray Maruiz (good on special teams)

Secondary: Dwight Anderson, Tay Cody, Tony Tiller (we really need to upgrade secondary)

Special Teams: Nick Setta

P.S: does any1 else think that Richie Williams looks almost exactly like will smith?

Richie Williams look more like basketball player Robert Horry and Horry looks like Will Smith.

Printers, Chang especially will be an elite QB!
Moreno, Armour, Dwight Anderson, Gordon, Cody
Mckay-Loescher, Armstead, Bauman, McCants, Brock Ralph, Curry, Cauley for sure he's impressive, Lumsden.

rodger Dunbrak for dline solid canadain

Your not the only one, but can we call him the Fresh Prince since he looks like Will? Just think about how much fun Walby would have saying he runs like a Fresh Prince of Bel aire