Which player?

Since im likely not as old as some, i'll post who comes to mind when I think of the teams.

Toronto - Pinball
Hamilton - Osbaldistan (sp?)
Winnipeg - Stegall
Montreal - Cahoon and to a lesser extent Pringle
Saskatchewan - Narcisse, Elgaard and Ridgeway
Edmonton - Warren Moon
Calgary - Pitts and Flutie
BC - Lui Passaglia

BC-Al Wilson, Larry Cameron
EDM- Tom Wilkinson, Dan Keply
CAL- Willie Burden
SSK- Steve Mazurak,
WPG- Dieter Brock, James West
HAM- Ben Zambiasi, Rocky DePietro
TOR- Zenon Andrushyshyn(sp?)
MTL- Peter Dalla Riva, Junior Ah You
OTT- Tony Gabriel, Wonderful Mohns or Monds??

I like the James "Wild" West vote. Winnipeg has always had some great linebackers and running backs. How about Greg Battle?

Boy I remember when we had West, Battle and Tyrone Jones as our linebackers. One mean bunch to play against!

oh yeah, most definitely, Russ Jackson , Ottawa ROUGHRIDERS…

Carl Kidd for BC.