Which player?

Don't know if this has been done yet but which player best represents your team?

For the Lions it's pretty obvious with Lui Passaglia but I was wondering about the other teams.

Stew Fraser!

Some teams have such a glorious history of winning with such great players cough edmonton cough that’s hard to pick just one :smiley:

But, since I must, I will pick the fellow in the picture below holding the Grey Cup. Either him or the Lieutenant Governor of Alberta.

I would say that Lancaster or Reed are the players that represent the Riders

Here is the ultimate list to choose from if anybody can't picture some of the all-time greats.


Be sure to browse all 50!

Joe Krol is still around!

Yeah, no doubt. And funny sig lol

Nealon Greene for the Riders


Anyway, I think the best possible rep for the Als would be Ben Cahoon. A class act all around.

Ha. That is funny. Poor Nealon. Anybody remember his rap song? . . . . . . . . . Me neither.

Toronto = Doug Flutie
Calgary= Allen Pitts
Saskatchewan = Lancaster, Elgaard, Narcisse
Winnipeg = Westwood (bad candidate)
Edmonton = Ricky Ray ( another bad candidate )
BC = Clermont or Pasaglia
Montreal = Calvillo or Cahoon
Hamilton = Dave Winfield

Hamilton= Ben Zambiazi

thryllin i have to strognly disagree with you winnipeg call. slthough it does say bad canadite.

for the blue i would look at names like bob cameron, milt stegall, and leo lewis

He was my favorite player. I loved his style.

By "style" do you mean "inconsistent play"??


tough call and it depends on what attributes you are trying to promote. stegall needs to be up there but what about tyrone jones. the man was a fighter that would chew up and spit out his opponents and instilled fear into anyone against him. or reaves, and his work promoting those with disabilities along side his dominant running. cameron for his longevity and all he did for the blue or (this will get people upset) good ol wade miller for commitment to the team that could never be questioned(although i would say his ability on the field left something to be desired)

For the Alouettes, Calvillo or Cahoon.

Sonny Wade..........Sam Etcheverry........Hal Patterson.

Nylon Greene for the riders
BC would be Swerven Mervin
Eskimos would be Jackie Parker
Winterpeg Leo Lewis
Montreal toss up on that one Sporty or Ro help me out here.
Toronto Conridge Holoway
Hamilton Garney Henly
Stamps Sugarfoot Anderson
Ottawa Russ Jackson

Of course! How could I even say anybody but Stegall?

Bob Cameron eh? Ahhhhh yes the days of one bar facemasks.

And how come so much mentioning of Nealon Greene? Is it just me or did he ess-you-see-kay?

It's gotta be Sam (The Rifle) Etcheverry for the Als.

Mervyn Fernandez - "Swervyn Mervyn"