Which parties are you attending at Grey Cup?

Planning the Grey Cup party agenda which will be much sweeter if the Cats are in!

We are starting Thursday at Spirit of Edmonton but not sure the rest of the weekend.
Sounds like we'll be hitting Malones regularly for the Cats party as it is 4 minutes from our hotel (looks like Tailgate Charlies West!).

What's everyone else that's heading out doing? Quite honestly the concerts don't look all that enticing except maybe Saturday Night.

Look forward to seeing everyone out there!

Anyone heading to Vancouver?
We're there either way but it'll twice the fun if the Cats make it.
I know first things first Sunday!




I'll have a Corona, almost as good as the original Golden Molson ale!

Going out late Wednesday, be at the pancake breakfast on Thursday Morning, CFL Player Awards Thursday Night, and before and after that perhaps the Schooner Room.

Been lurking here for awhile.