Which organization is better: Stampeders or Roughriders????

McMahon isn't has bad as some make it out to be. The players facility was redone in 2010, and brand new buildings where build on McMahon stadium premise for administration and coaches. There have been seat upgrades and score board upgrades to.
Stamps attendance isn't that bad, 27,000 average.
If you want to base you success as a franchise and a city on a new stadium go ahead, there is a much bigger picture to consider in Calgary. New stadium will have to have a net positive result for the citizens and tax payers if public money is used. What net benefit is there in yours beyond the riders?

...you forgot option f) population has no interest pouring tax dollars into private enterprise

...if that was an option that’d be the one I’d vote for...

...I’d hazard to guess that a city five times the size the one you live in has different concerns and priorities...

Because the question who is about who has the best organization, not who had the best organization back in grandpa's day- no need to go back generations upon generations where the organizations really have nothing to do with the current organizations. I picked 11 years obviously because the Riders won the Grey Cup that year, duh.

I guess you're just going to ignore everything else in my post that definitively shows the Riders are the best organization in the league eh?

...picking arbitrary terms to boost ones argument makes the rest of the argument somewhat invalid...that’s my opinion...

So, you've got nuthin'. Stick your head back in the sand then.

pretty much

...wasn’t even in sand to begin with...your question was directed at someone else, thought I’d interject, but I can see having conversations with multiple people is a challenge for you, so I’ll take a step back and watch how you roll...

Stamps have 2 cups in Huff era riders have 1 Huff arrived in 2008

btw I still have visions of BLM flexing with a foot on Dickenson's throat due to your imagery in that one thread the other day. lol. I can't help it and really want it gone.

...DD will tap out before that happens...

Lets start counting in 2014, Calgary has 1 (almost 3) the riders have none. Not even an appearance

you and your arbitrary years. SMH. "in week x of season x who was the best team. Nobody look outside of that"

My point was that in recent history that both teams have had pretty good success on the field and that Huf was obviously not a part of the last 25 years nor was pretty much anyone with the club, so arbitrarily throwing out 25 years is simply you moving the goalposts to your liking yet when someone else does similar it is not acceptable. Pretty ridiculous.

...today’s lesson has been ‘arbitrary terms of reference’ and has been brought to you by the letter K...

What? Both teams have had pretty good success in recent years?? We've had less loses the last 2 years than you had last year alone! How is that comparable?
Actually 25 years is a pretty good gauge because it speaks to how long this team has been good. For the record Calgary has 5 to Sask's 2!!!!!! That's a cup once every 5 years. Do you want be to go into details like first place finishes and Grey Cup appearances?
The fact is the last 11 years is all you have to show any resemblance of consistency. You have 2 cups and 4 appearance. You also have 3 or 4 years out of the playoffs in that time. Calgary has missed the playoff 3 times since 1988 and that was all in the Feterik era!!!!!! The fact I can go back that far says alot about the organization not many pro sports teams can say that

I retract my intitial observations depopulationINC. I've withdrawn my defence of White Stallion gallops, removed my comments and any posts quoting my comments. I think I'm seeing it a little more clearly now. Thanks. :slight_smile:

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25 years is a arbitrary number you choose that has no relevance. When I say recent years I don't speak of the last 2 season...appantly the last 2 seasons or 25 years are what matter to you. I look at it in an actual era and right now when I say recent I essentially mean SMS era as it changed the league in a massive way. I also think we may be in a subset era or potentially one that could be viewed as it' own with the No Touch era of late. Not some arbitrary number that works because that' why I chose it. Not 3 years not 11 and not 25...because those mean little.

I actually invited a fan I got to know well in Calgary out for a LD game probably 7 or 8 years ago. They were a 22 or 23 year STH there. I was shocked that as a stamps fan they cancelled those long standing tickets and started cheering for the Riders and now come out for at least 5 games every year.

25 years is not arbitrary. Calgary has been good for that long. Consistently.

Yeah that's possible. I know a family that moved from Sask to Calgary and within 2 years became stamps fans. If you go onto 3 downnation's archives you can find 2 stories from about a year ago, of riderfans switching allegiance to other teams. 1 was to Hamilton and the other I can't remember. There are stories of this type of thing for all teams. If this is your big claim for proof of rider pride appeal....try again.

no...it is an arbitrary number you have picked that works for you...why not 50 seasons? Why not start before 86?

I have not argued that the Stamps have a great thing going...I have stated that they are the model most GMs look at....all I am saying is "best" is a pretty broad term and can be looked at from a lot of angles...best season record? sure. Best support? No. countless ways to look at it.

Guess you should have been a little more specific than "Stamps" as an opening thread...seeing as how you seem to want to make up rules on how everyone else should be comparing teams.