Which organization is better: Stampeders or Roughriders????


Make it a poll!

Vote early and vote often! :stuck_out_tongue:

seems like a thread simply created to troll and start fights

IMO different clubs are better for different reasons

Hamilton - I think has the most unique marketing. They have been putting out sensational media for years now. Loved the GOT video and the Fantuz catch record video to try to light up social media....as examples

Calgary - easily has the winningest tradition in the last decade. They have established the model most GMs look at it admiration and as a model

Eskimos - Have such a rich history of winning and the best dynasty ever, along with a stadium that can sit half empty due to its magnitude and still be both a top attendance facility and good environment

Riders - have uniquely the largest fanbase base despite being a small market and have a wonderful new stadium

Bombers - have finally come out of years of rut and seem to be a contender finally. Wonderful fanbase that largely stuck with them in some dark days and seem to have finally found a staff that looks long term

BC - has the only indoor stadium and despite attendance woes I think can still turn things around with some new blood. As they are in a changing of guards it will be fun to watch.

Montreal - strong ownership who is committed to providing the resources to win (though sometimes becomes too involved). As far as sole ownership, they are very strong owners and look at the community that supports them when making decisions.

Ottawa - has found success out of the gate and seem to be doing things right and are loved by the city. A lot of people questioned them getting a team again, but this is just an amazing owner who strives for fan experience and establishing tradition. Love what they are doing

Toronto - now has by far the deepest pockets for ownership and despite some poor decisions that probably backfired (holding the cup too soon and pricing too high) seem to be building the team with grassroots in mind. They are getting players into the community and the tailgate is superb. They are now riding a championship into their best schedule for fans in years.

But yeah, go ahead and start attack mode and negativity.

I am positive that this is a great post. ^^^^

Thank you for posting, Well done!

Interesting... who requested it? Of course I would be inclined like the OP to say the team I cheer for, but he just says Calgary, no reasons given... I cheer for the Riders, but I would not say they are the best organization in the league. I wouldn't give that distinction to Calgary either... hard to say which team in the CFL is the best organization... all have their pros and cons... the better question to ask is which team, other than the one you cheer for, is the best overall. I would include, who treats their players the best, resepcts the officials, has the best fan relations, has the best stadium (old or new), best PR, how they treat their off field personnel... lots of factors I haven't even mentioned.


Sorry...I did the requesting... after they waged a several pages long two man argument about it in a totally unrelated thread. (The story-lines one).


I basically agree. So much goes into it. For example...there are a few coaches such as Maas and Oshea so really pay into officials...to me that may of may not had gains for you team but it really gives me a sour taste go the given club. I mean, it happens...but when it is the norm that is a big factor that weighs in it all. That is a negative, for me, for that club...but they have pros on the other side of the fence .

I think what's a good measurable for what makes a great team vs an average team is:

How well do they do in adversity?

Do they have the depth and culture and fan support to weather the bad times along with the good?

Do they possess the ability to make necessary and sometimes difficult decisions and changes?

Do they possess a long-term vision, or do they strive to impress shareholders and fans today only - and next year is another year?

Do they provide a great entertainment value (not just the wins)?

How well do they sit or compete (via all of the above) within their category/league?

Do their fans have an emotional relationship with the team - or do they only have a conditional, situational, or convenient relationship with the team?

everyman for the "2018 story lines" suggested it as the post started focusing more on Calgary vs Sask than anything else. I though it was a great idea, we can argue, criticize and express an honest frank opinion. As long as no one insults anyone personally, I don't think its trolling.

If you think another team is the best than feel free to mention that too.

Calgary has dominated the CFL for nearly 30 years, save for 2002-2004 under Feterik ownership. They have always been a strong contender and seem to be getting better under Huff/ Dickenson/BLM. They have been the benchmark for everyone. Injuries, retirements to key players seem to matter little as the stockpile of young players never ends! Rarely do they sign big name free agents.

Strange thread . Just a suggestion but maybe you should have considered the Poll format for this with a 3rd option being Other . Reason being as a Cat fan I'm not going to get into a debate over the merits of who is better between the Stamps or the Riders . Besides the last time I looked there was 7 other teams and organizations that can and should be considered in this thread . Otherwise although you say it isn't a form of trolling it certainly comes off that way to some degree in my book .

Feel free to name any team.
Polls are cheap. I prefer insight and reasoning rather than just stating a team

Check out your original post.

no kidding

That is straight up trolling.

Yes true, you got me there. I've since expanded my answer

Riders obviously. Best facilities by far. Sell more merchandise than all the other teams combined, trail only the Leafs and Habs in Canada. Best fan base by far as can be seen by the average attendance in the smallest market, and how many fans show up for road games. And tv numbers are the highest overall when the Riders are involved in the game. Two Grey Cups in last eleven years.

11 years..... thats a convenient time frames. Why not look at the last 25 years?

My question now is:

If the Stamps have dominated and been the class of the league for 25 years, why are they in the worst stadium in the league with less than stellar attendance?

Lack of planning?
Profits going into pockets vs reinvesting?
No vision?
Not enough fan support?
Waiting for another Olympics bid so they can for pay for it?

Just wondering. Riders and the city had to do something about their stadium, so they did. What’s the Stampeders plan?

Why look at 25 years and not 100+? 17 Championships for Toronto and a 17-6 record. Nobody touches that almost 3:1 record. It is a subjective thing and all how you want to view it. How much of the existing Stamps organization has been there for 25 years? Not the same ownership nor management...so I can understand why someone might elect to look at it in a shorter period.

There is no "best organization" because every club is better in certain areas.

Calgary has had great sustained success and is a model to follow and racks up a lot of wins. Riders have, I believe, as many championships since Huf has been a Stamp. Jones goes way into grey areas...Dickenson abused the contact rule and can b painful to watch with refs. Stamps run low debt...Riders run more but have an enviable stadium as a part of that.

There are trade-offs.

And thankyou for doing so. The original did not come across well. That said, I maintain that there is not "best" as there are too many ways of looking at it.