Which One Is the Ti-Cat Defense

Can you guess which one is our Ti-Cat defense. Pretty simple, right. I'm sure we will get 100% for one from our loyal fans

Yards per Game- 418.3 (9)
Rush Yards per Game- 84.3 (6)
Pass Yards per Game- 334.0 (9)

Yards per Game- 353 (1)
Rush Yards per Game- 74.0 (4)
Pass Yards per Game- 279.0 (3)

Take a chance.....give it a guess

Can you give us a hint?

Like, which one is most likely to give up a game winning drive in the last minute? Or which one is most likely to let the other team kill the last 3 minutes in a one point game without giving the offense a chance to win the game? Or which team consistently gives up huge first half leads and seems to be ill-prepared for every game?

Answer one of those questions, and I think I'd be able to get it...

I'm thinking both are Hamilton, Team A right now and Team B the beginning of the season?

Good one....like your thinking, but no it is 2 different teams

There are 3 hints right in front of you...come on isn't it obvious (could this be a hint or a mis-direction)

Thanks for Tommy Boy and Palmer to responding to this fun quiz

So you know these were the rankings as of the start of today's game

Team A- Winnipeg
Team B- Hamilton

Shows you that stats don't always tell the story of a specific unit or a team

I'm frustrated by the performance of the team, too, but you have to remember that despite having several key guys out due to injuries, and new guys being signed/coached up almost weekly to fill those holes, the Ticats nearly win almost every game.

With Toronto and Montreal in a freefall, we will be in the East semi final, and it will be versus a Western crossover team. All that matters is that we get as many of our original starters (who aren't out for the season) back for that game as possible. If we had Johnny Sears Jr., Rico Murray, Courtney Stephen, Demond Washington, and Drake Nevis all starting in the last game against Ottawa, our D would have obviously been much more effective. And imagine how much more dangerous our O will be if Tasker, Kevin Elliott and Collaros are suddenly playing.

i like this post..still though the slow starts were a problem even with the regulars

As I watch the four CFL games each week-end, or at least the Cats game and the highlights of the other three, I am always struck by the stark difference in tackling technique. At Friday's game, it was again apparent. The other eight teams generally wrap up the ball carrier on first contact and then swarm him. Unless the carrier is able to 'move the pile', he is down. Often they make open field, unassisted tackles. Crisp and clean.

Our Cats rarely make the tackle on first contact. And it is not at all unusual to see the opposition ball carrier, run right through first contact and not be touched for 5 or more yards. When you have the DBs, specifically players like Vaughan, play 5 - 10 yards off the receiver, then miss him on first contact, it is understandable why they all make big gains down the field and long sustained drives.

During the first quarter, my wife, who knows zippo about the game, asked me on Friday why Henry Burris was always seemed to be throwing to the same side as number 24, and why the Ottawa receivers kept switching sides. Don't our coaches watch "film" after the game? Don't they see what 24,000 fans and 50 or so opposition players and coaches see? If the plan was working, okay. You don't fix what isn't broken. But we are 6-9 and, I fear, headed for 7-11. It is broken. Is it unfixable?